Smartphone instead of a pitchfork

As consumers, when we think about farming, there is always some romanticism involved: feeding, sowing, harvesting and the smell of hay – the rural good life. However, farmers are, of course, also entrepreneurs who manage their farms with a lot of love for the animals and, increasingly, cutting-edge technology. Automatic feeding robots are increasingly finding their way into barns. A leading manufacturer of autonomous feeding systems for cattle uses Robalon® screw conveyors from Röchling. 

While cattle may enjoy feeding time, it is hard work for the farmer, who has to heap up the feed on the feeding table – the cattle feeding area in the barn. The cattle then put their heads through their enclosure and tuck in. Throughout the day, the farmer has to heap up the feed again several times. It is time-consuming work – but is the only way to ensure that the cattle can always reach the feed.

Access to the System from Anywhere

This work becomes obsolete with an automatic feed pusher. The robot automatically moves along the feeding table and pushes the scattered feed back towards the cattle using a rotating screw. The feed pusher is guided by small magnets that the farmer has installed on the floor along the desired route. By using a PC, tablet or smartphone, the farmer can access the system from anywhere to find out the status. The robot manages inclines effortlessly, and angles in barns are not a problem.

This automation and flexibilization of the work is welcome, precisely because the job of a farmer is not nine-to-five and there is always something to do on a farm. However, it is also clear that automated processes must be reliable to be of any help. That is why the manufacturer of the feeding robot sets high standards for the system components.

Modern farming: An automatic feed pusher with a screw conveyor made of Robalon® – the screw automatically pushes the feed towards the cattle

Robots Provide a Competitive Edge

With its high mechanical stability, the Robalon® conveyor screw from Röchling contributes to the durability of the system. At the same time, the material offers a high chemical resistance against aggressive biological acids contained in the animal feed. The material is easy to clean and resistant against common detergents. The robot therefore requires only little maintenance and is easy to care for. The technology saves the farmer a lot of time, thereby offering a competitive edge.


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