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Plastics for technical applications

We are a supplier of moulded parts and systems made from fibre-reinforced plastics, primarily based on unsaturated polyester resins.

Plastics for reliable utility and special vehicles

As a leading supplier of interior panelling for the transport industry. The glass reinforced plastic moulded parts are delivered, complete with paintwork and mountings, directly to the customers assembly line. 

Utility and special vehicles need to be absolutely reliable even in the harshest of environments. If drivers are to be able to rely on their vehicles at all times, tough and resilient design materials are essential. Depending on the application, they may need to be highly wear resistant, weather resistant and very light. Our plastics are designed specially for these demanding conditions. They help designers across the world in the construction of reliable utility and special vehicles such as dumpers, trucks and snow compactors.

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Ready-to-install components for rail vehicles

Rail transport brings people and goods quickly and safely from point A to point B. Once on the rails, efficient and reliable technology is required. Every designer faces the challenge of developing economical, fast and safe rail vehicles. As a system supplier for components made of composite materials and thermoplastics, we support you all the way.

Typical Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) moulded parts:

  • Window surrounds
  • Door pillars
  • FRP housing
  • FRP ceilings
  • FRP moulded seats
  • FRP structural components
  • etc.

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Your high-performance supplier for materials and parts for Diagnostics

Few sectors place such high requirements on products, devices and equipment. Safe, innovative and reliable materials are essential to meet the high standards of modern medical care.

We have one of the broadest product range of thermoplastics as well as composite materials and supply our customers with the highest quality standards and the newest technologies - from the semi-finished product over machined components, 3D-printing to assembly groups we can fulfill all your needs.

Further examples of plastic moulded parts:

  • Plastic housings of MRTs
  • Plastic structural components
  • Plastic couches for medical engineering
  • etc.

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Mechanical & plant engineering: plastics for efficient processes

Even after heavy loads and countless operating hoursplant and machinery must continue to operate reliably. That means designers need a whole variety of materials depending on the application. These must, for instance, have good friction properties, high temperature resistance or thermal insulation. We offer plastics that are developed specifically for these requirements. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application.

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