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A revolution in wastewater treatment technology

Greater efficiency with Robalon lifting screws in wastewater treatment plants

Rust is the biggest cause of screw wear. With our highly wear resistant ROBALON LIFTING SCREW rust damages, occurred in conventional screws made of steel, can be avoided. The investment in a plastic lifting screw pays off in just half the average lifespan of the screw.

SustainableHigh efficiency Low maintenance
Energy efficient operationIndividual, gap optimised designMaintenance free lower bearing. No need for greasing. Wear indicators show the condition of the system.


A future better than steel with the material ROBALON.

Running costs in operation

Operation success: renovation of system components, in particular concrete troughs, is a major expense for operators. The ROBALON system solution, which uses an inlay, saves you up to 30% on the cost of a complete renovation package, so it is the quickest and best solution to ensure that the system is back in operation fast.

Download the example calculation break even ROBALON vs. steel

Efficiency comparison

Compared with normal steel screws, our ROBALON lifting screw is up to 50% more efficient, depending on the water level in the treatment system. The low weight of our plastic screw also increases efficiency.

PDF outcome of BOKU Vienna

Makes renovation easy!

The well-designed renovation package contains the ROBALON screw, ROBALON trough and ROBALON bearing, which make installation simple and cost effective. At approx. 300kg, the plastic lifting screw is much lighter than heavy steel screws, which weigh about 700kg. So a crane isn’t required for installation. 


Due to the excellent material properties, ROBALON screws have a very high resistance to the common chemicals used in wastewater treatment plants. The unique surface prevents contamination and ice formation in winter. 


ROBALON trough lining protects the substructure against wear and corrosion. The trough lining can be in the form of both an open trough and a tubular screw. Fixed wear indicators confirm the outstanding wear resistance of ROBALON. The trough lining masks holes and unevenness in the substructure. 


The lower bearing uses a lifetime-lubricated ROBALON glide bearing bushing. The lower bearing does not require greasing, so there is no lubrication pump and channel. This means no more lubrication or maintenance costs for the lower bearing. 

Expert opinions

Operators, maintenance engineers and experts are impressed by this revolution with comprehensive added value.


Senior management, Mühltal water treatment association

“The ROBALON lifting screw saves me considerable maintenance and servicing costs. I don’t have to look after a lubrication pump, so there are no greasing costs. Minor damages to the screw which previously impaired the corrosion protection are now negligible.”


Eisenstadt Wastewater Association

“I am very satisfied with the performance of the whole screw renovation. I received what I was promised. The two ROBALON return screws have been running brilliantly from the outset. Their durability will be shown in coming years.”


Senior management, Meisl GmbH

“Working with the firm Röchling Leripa is hugely beneficial for our company, opening up to us new fields of activity with the ROBALON lifting screw.”


Engineer Planner, engineer with Eitler & Partner Ziviltechniker GmbH

“Alongside existing studies on the energy benefits, for me it is the low weight, cost-effective renovation and assembly requirements, as well as the almost maintenance-free bearing which are my reasons for choosing the ROBALON lifting screw.”

Wastewater treatment plant Aigen/Schlägl

  • Type: intake and return screw in steel trough
  • Outside-diameter spiral: 705 mm
  • Total length of A-tube: 5.395 mm
  • Flow rate: 90 l/sec.
  • Successful operation since 2016

Wastewater treatment plant Peilstein

  • Type: intake and return screw in steel trough
  • Outside-diameter spiral: 600 mm
  • Total length of A-tube:  4.505 mm
  • flow rate: 67 l/sec
  • Successful operation since 2014

Wastewater treatment plant Enzenkirchen

  • Type: return screw in stainless steel tube
  • Outside-diameter spiral: 309 mm
  • Total length of A-tube: 3.900 mm
  • flow rate: 16.2 l/sec.
  • Successful operation since 2014. 

Wastewater treatment plant Eisenstadt

  • Type: return screw in stainless steel tube 
  • Outside-diameter spiral: 788 mm
  • Total length of A-tube: 6.060 mm
  • Flow rate: 125 l/sec.
  • Successful operation since 2018

In addition to wastewater treatment plant technology, we also supply other industries with our solution-oriented products. Find out more about Röchling Industrial Oepping.





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