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Plastic materials and parts for Surgery

Materials and parts for Surgery

For operations on or in a patient’s body various instruments and devices are required. We offer a wide range of materials and parts for this demanding medical field. We machine surgical instruments such as handles, surgical cutlery or camera housings as well as trial implants in many clearly visible colours. Beside this our high-performance materials are also used in minimally invasive surgery - for example as an eyepiece funnel, endoscopy, guides or sliding elements.

Typical parts include

  • Handels

  • Cutlery

  • Housings

  • Trial implants

  • Funnels

  • Guides

  • Sliding elements

Application examples

The performance and service life of materials used in the healthcare sector are influenced by a variety of factors. When choosing the right material, factors such as surface quality requirements, contact with cleaning agents, disinfectants, dimensions and/or tolerances are essential.

Breast biopsy unit

The breast biopsy unit is precision machined to meet tight tolerances according to the customer's drawings. It offers excellent cleaning and sterilisation procedures as well as biocompatibility in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and is supplied as an assembly group made of SustaPEEK MG material.

Handle for surgical instruments

Our challenge was to find a material that can be sterilised, offers a high-quality feel and surface quality, and at the same time can be manufactured with tight tolerances. SustaPEEK MG was chosen due to its outstanding properties. It offers good stability during production, which is crucial for manufacturing complex components and maintaining tight tolerances. It is also heat dissipative and has good thermal properties and excellent chemical resistance.

Plastic components for endoscopes

Our Sustason® PPSU MG is specifically designed to reduce the weight of medical devices, allowing surgeons to work more precisely and for longer. It offers excellent sterilisation resistance over 2,000 cycles, can be surface finished to customer specifications and offers an improved feel compared to metal. It is manufactured to tight tolerances and is available in a range of colours.

Trial implants

For example for knee implants, hip socket implants and sockets. It has very high precision and surface quality, is machined to high tolerances in accordance with customer drawings. Material used is Sustason® PPSU MG.


Materials for ventilators

Our wide range of thermoplastics supports compliance with the highest medical requirements in terms of functionality, reliability and process stability. Materials such as Sustason® PPSU MG and Polystone® P HG are specifically selected to fulfil these standards. We offer support during the design process to ensure that your products meet the requirements.

TroBloc® M - Hygienic wall protection panels

  • With easy to clean surface
  • Supports high hygiene standards
  • Suitable for walls, ceilings, doors and surfaces in operating theatres as well as in isolation wards and decontamination areas

Selection of Medical Grade Products

Selection of Healthcare Grade products

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