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Plastic materials and parts for Pharma

Materials and parts for Pharma

The development of drugs is a lengthy and complex process. Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products place specific demands on machines, equipment and materials used. Our materials are worldwide used supporting the safe and economic development and production of drugs.

Typical parts include

  • Seals

  • Housings

  • Guides

  • Connectors

  • Agitators

  • Fixtures

Application examples

The performance and service life of materials used in the healthcare sector are influenced by a variety of factors. When choosing the right material, factors such as surface quality requirements, contact with cleaning agents, disinfectants, dimensions and/or tolerances are essential.

ESD and anti-static products for tablet manufacturing

To meet the challenge that the customer required antistatic materials for the manufacture of powdered pharmaceutical products, we selected specific materials to fulfil these requirements. We used Polystone® G EL for glove ports, Polystone® M AST for chutes and tubes, Sustarin® C ESD for manifolds and Fibracon® PTFE AS for seals and flexible connections.
These ESD and AS materials play a crucial role in dissolving static build-up caused by the movement of powders during the manufacturing process. This ensures the integrity and safety of the products throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, our materials are able to cope with a wide range of temperatures and cleaning agents, which emphasises their versatility in pharmaceutical production environments.

Chromatography applications

The challenges in the production of chromatographic applications require materials with high strength and heat resistance as well as good processing properties. Low weight is also important. A typical material that fulfils these requirements is Polystone® P HG.

Pharmaceutical production

The challenges in pharmaceutical manufacturing include the need for materials with high abrasion and wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction and chemical resistance. A typical material that fulfils these requirements is SustaPET®.

Automatic line for filling and labelling drugs

The challenge was to provide customers with a sterile material that is easy to clean and resistant to chemicals. We utilized Sustarin® C as the chosen material. During the research and development phase, we obtained material approvals and developed samples. Various size variations are available. The product is sterile and fully disposable, eliminating the need for additional sterilization or sanitization procedures.

Selection of Medical Grade Products

Selection of Healthcare Grade products

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