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SmartMarker® - Authentication

SmartMarker®: How does authentication work?

As soon as you want to check whether a product has really been manufactured in one of your production facilities, you can easily do so based on the SmartMarker® particles. To this end, measure the product to be authenticated using a small, mobile measuring device. The handheld device scans the surface of the product. The result will be available in a few seconds. If SmartMarker® particles are detected, you have proof that the product was manufactured in one of your production facilities. After all, only products from your own production line have these particles.

What are the benefits of authentication?

10% of the world's prodcuts are counterfeit. This results in losses of billions of euros each year due to unjustified liability claims. With SmartMarker® authentication, you can cost-effectively counteract these counterfeit products by proving that a claimed counterfeit product was not manufactured in any of your facilities. These marker particles used in the SmartMarker® process are counterfeit-proof. Detection is possible without special qualification directly on the surface of the component subject to complaint. In future, it will no longer be necessary to remove the component in question and then test it in the laboratory!

What is the difference beetween authentication and identification?


Use the marker to prove whether or not a component was manufactured by you. To do so, scan the component at any desired location. If the component contains your marker, you have a proof of origin.

Hand-held detector for authentication
The detector can be used to quickly and easily determine if markers are present

How can the marker be detected?

Special detectors which we tailor to your specific application are used for authentication and identification.



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