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Trimming Layers
Trimming Layers

Hydroma® Quality trimming layers

Cutting boards / Cutting belts for digital cutting systems

Efficiency and economy play a major role in the production of leather, textile and paper products. To improve cutting process, we offer various cutting layers for automated flatbed and CNC cutters.


Trimming layers made of plastic or needle-punched nonwoven for efficient and economical cutting using flatbed cutters.
For CNC cutters with a circumferential conveyor / belt, we can provide reinforced trimming layers with a long service life.

Application for CNC cutters with circumferential conveyor

In addition to cutting boards for flatbed cutters, we also provide trimming layers for CNC cutters with circumferential conveyor. The reinforced backing increases the service life of the conveyor, as the material composition reduces expansion and wear during cutting.


We would be happy to deliver the connection via Christmas Tree or Meander as well. The connection guarantees easy bonding of the ends and good handling for significant time savings. In addition, the good fit of the connectors guarantees a smooth production process and a long service life.

Of course, we will cut the board according to your requirements.


We offer the variants listed below:

HY-126 Grey HP conveyor:

Colour: Grey
Thickness: 2.5 / 3 / 4mm
Width: Variably cut-to-size up to 2000mm
Length: Variably cut-to-size or delivery on rolls

HY-125 Green conveyor:

Colour: Green
Thickness: 3mm/4mm
Width: Variably cut-to-size up to 3100mm
Length: Variably cut-to-size or delivery on rolls


The cutting boards for CNC cutters contribute to achieving optimum cutting results and at improve your production processes at the same time.
Connecting the cutting board using a Christmas Tree is easy to handle and facilitates bonding.

In addition to cutting boards, we also offer a wide range of high-quality punching and cutting boards. For more information, please refer to Röchling Industrial Ruppertsweiler GmbH.


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