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Sustainable products
Increasing sustainability in our customers’ applications

Increasing sustainability in our customers’ applications

As a global processor of plastics, we are aware of our special responsibility. Based on our product families Röchling-BioBoom® and Röchling-ReLoop®, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of bioplastics and high-quality recycled materials. Likewise, our fossil-based plastics contribute to resource conservation in many of our customers' applications during use. Our goal: reduce the environmental footprint and increase sustainability in our customers’ industries.


For our Röchling-BioBoom® product family of bioplastics, we extract bio-based raw materials and conserve fossil resources. Röchling-BioBoom® includes bio-based plastics and mass-balanced bioplastics.


Our Röchling-ReLoop® product family for high-quality recycled materials conserves valuable resources and closes material cycles. Röchling-ReLoop® is available as a post-consumer recycling or post-industrial recycling product.


Reducing the use of fossil-based raw materials

With Röchling-BioBoom® and Röchling-ReLoop®, you contribute to reducing the use of fossil-based raw materials.

Promoting bio-based raw materials

With Röchling-BioBoom® you foster the use of bio-based raw materials.

Strengthening the circular economy

Strengthening the circular economy is one of the most important tasks in the plastics industry. Increase the use of secondary raw materials by using our sustainable products.

Reducing the environmental footprint

By using recyclates and bio-based raw materials, we want to contribute to reducing the ecological footprint in our customers' applications.

Create competitive advantage

We use our plastics to support sustainability in many of our customers’ applications and create competitive advantages.

Röchling-BioBoom® materials

Röchling-ReLoop® materials

Engineering and sustainability

Fossil-based plastics

We have been processing plastics for industrial applications for more than a hundred years. Based on this experience, we know that because of their special properties, fossil-based plastics contribute to the conservation of resources in many industries. For example:

  • buses become lighter with our plastic components and then consume less fuel
  • conveyor systems equipped with our sliding-optimised plastic components require less energy
  • thermal insulation made of our plastics reduces the necessary heating times in machines and systems

You can read more examples of how fossil-based plastics contribute to conserving resources here.


Sustainability is not only a question of the raw material used, but also depends on factors such as use in the customer’s application, service life and end-of-life options. Every product consumes resources and has an environmental impact. Considering these factors over the life cycle is crucial for assessing how sustainable a product is. Engineering and sustainability therefore have to be considered in conjunction.This applies to any product made of any material. In this way, ecological, technical and economic advantages can be combined.

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