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Vacuum Forming
Vacuum Forming

Plastics for vacuum forming

The manufacture of components using vacuum forming processes demands a great deal of expertise. Every manufacturer is faced with the challenge of producing components quickly, reliably and in the desired quantity. From the tool through heating to the pressure, a lot of factors need to be considered. Just as vital for manufacture are high-quality materials suitable for vacuumforming. From HIPS through ABS and PC/ABS to ASA, we offer a large selection of single-layer and co-extruded sheets and film made of plastics suitable for vacuum forming for a whole range of different requirements. They help in the manufacture of reliable and efficient vacuum formed components.

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Product examples

Internal panelling made from MAYWOflamm® ECE for buses

MAYWOflamm® ECE is a flame-protected ABS specially designed for use in vehicle construction. It meets the requirements of Annexes VI, VII and VIII of ECE R-118,  making it particularly suitable for the manufacture of components for buses such as internal panelling (image).

More information about MAYWOflamm® ECE

Transport trays made from MAYWOtron® pure

In Maywotron® pure, we offer a material that combines electrical conductivity / discharge capability with high purity without any carbon abrasion. This opens up the possibility of use in sensitive areas of application where defined electrostatic properties alongside high purity levels are demanded, e.g. the electronics & semiconductor industries and the clean room. Typical components made of Maywotron® pure include transport trays (image). 

Hull and decks for recreational boats

Hulls and decks for recreational boats made of ABS in vacuum forming are characterized by a high impact strength also under cold and a high weather-resistance. Therefore they are long-lasting and can be used in areas with low temperatures permanently.

Decorative surfaces made of MAYWOdec®

ABS sheets manufactured from MAYWOdec® (ABS + PMMA) are available in almost any required design, from wood to a metallic appearance, and suitable for permanent outdoor applications thanks to their UV stability.

More information about MAYWOdec®

Sustavacu® 6 GF – deep-drawable polyamide

Deep-drawable sheets made from our impact-resistant, glass-fiber reinforced material Sustavacu® 6 GF (PA 6) have excellent deep-drawing properties, creep resistance and dimensional stability, can be machined very well and have increased impact strength compared to common glass fiber-reinforced PA 6 types. With its high continuous operating temperature (140° C), higher mechanical strength and its resistance to fats, oils and fuels, Sustavacu® 6 GF is used in demanding industries such as vehicle construction, ship building and mechanical and plant engineering. 

More information about Sustavacu® 6 GF

Centre console made of ABS/TPU with soft-touch surface for forklift trucks

With their high scratch and abrasion resistance, ABS/TPU centre consoles with a soft-touch surface for forklift trucks offer a long service life while being very pleasant to the touch and having an anti-slip effect.

More information about ABS/TPU with soft-touch surface

Mobile rooms made of Trovidur® ESA

Wall elements made of Trovidur® ESA can be quickly and easily installed to create mobile rooms in any size or shape and with their high stability offer reliable protection against the elements. The deep-drawn panels meet the high fire safety regulations of such applications and are visually appealing. At the same time, the opaque walls protect against the noise of wind, rain and hail, and are ideal for use outdoors due to their UV resistance.

More information about Trovidur® ESA

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The performance and service life of thermoformable materials are influenced by a variety of factors. These factors must be taken into account in order to select the right materials. Examples:

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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