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Röchling Port
Digital Service Portal for our Business Partners

Röchling Port

The digital service portal for business partners of Röchling Industrial

Röchling Port: Our Digital Service Portal for our business partners. Many functions and services for numerous brand materials from our extensive range of semi-finished plastic products. Available in three languages: German, English, French. Available 24/7 after registration. Optimized for smartphones and tablets regardless of the device used.

  • Place and track orders at any time of day
  • Easily compute and design individual cut-to-size parts
  • Obtain stock information
  • You can see the prices for every article and skip checking our full range of products
  • Data sheets, approvals, product handling and further additional information are available directly at the product
  • You can use the product finder to compare up to four materials based on their technical characteristics

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you personally or we can phone you at a convenient time.

Target group of Röchling Port

Röchling Port is our digital service portal for our business partners. After registration and activation, you can use Röchling Port to access a wide range of functions and services for many materials from our range of semi-finished plastic products. The online product portfolio will be continuously expanded and extended.


Which materials are available?

Currently, our digital services in Röchling Port are available for various modifications of the brand materials listed below:


SustaPEEKSustaPEI Sustaglide® GLD SustaECTFE®
Sustarin® (POM-C)SustaABSSustamid® 6 FR Sustanat®
Sustamid® (PA)Sustacut® SEtroX® VSustaPPE®
SustaPVDF Sustadur® PETSustakon®Sustatron®
Play-Tec®Polystone® DPolystone® DRPolystone® G
Polystone® G B 100Polystone® CubX®Polystone® MPolystone® MR
Polystone® PPolystone® PPsPolystone® PVDFPolystone® Safe-Tec
Trovidur® PVC-UTrovidur® ECTrovidur® EPCTrovidur® ES
Trovidur® ESA-DTrovidur® ETTrovidur® PHTTrovidur® PN

Place and track orders

  • The exact product you need is only a few clicks away
  • You can easily place and track orders for all materials available in Röchling Port
  • Create handy "notepads" for reorders

Obtain information on items in stock

  • Obtain stock information on the availability of our materials
  • Including many details such as shape, dimensions, colour and type of manufacture
  • Add to shopping cart at the click of a button
  • Anywhere and at any time

Compute cut-to-size parts

  • Simply request cut-to-size parts from sheets, rods and tubes
  • Enter the desired dimensions and quantities of the required material
  • 2D and 3D illustrations in preview show the cut-to-size parts
  • We compute the optimal number of pieces for greatest efficiency  

Product comparison

  • Use the "Product Finder" to compare the technical characteristics of up to four materials
  • Intuitive filter options according to various criteria such as technical characteristics, shape, available dimensions and areas of application

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