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Recycling loop
Recycling – directing material flows sensibly

Recycling – directing material flows sensibly

Scrap is often generated during the production of plastic components. However, this scrap is usually a high-quality material. A sensible use is the reprocessing of these offcuts into new raw materials for future products. A recycling cycle is required for the offcuts to be used sensibly. We have successfully initiated recycling cycles with many customers. Learn more about the possibilities and let us build a recycling circuit together for you too.


Röchling Sustainability Center in Geeste-Dalum

Around 60 kilometers from our lead company in Haren, we opened the Röchling Sustainability Center in 2021. Our goal: to close material cycles and thus increase the proportion of recycled materials on the market. 

In Geeste-Dalum, we take back offcuts from our customers and process them into new, valuable raw materials. Residual pieces from our own production are also recycled there. The sorted plastic waste is cleaned and then processed into granulates or powder in shredding plants. From these, we produce new, high-quality semi-finished products from engineering plastics, which we sell under our Röchling-ReLoop® brand. 

Our recycling site in Dalum is one of the first sites of its kind to be ISCC PLUS certified. 

You can find more information about our site here.  

Long-term partnerships

Scrap is often generated during the production of plastic components. This scrap is usually a high-quality material. We have entered long-term partnerships with many of our customers, in which we take back various forms of plastic scrap sorted by type and reprocess them.


Closing material cycles

We reprocess our customers’ offcuts into recyclate, which we use in our production to manufacture high-quality products. This way, we jointly reduce the amount of waste and close the material cycle.



We provide pallet cages for the collection of your sorted plastic waste.



If you are interested in building up your recycling cycle with us, please contact us. Just use the contact form at the bottom of the page.




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