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Renewable Energies
Plastics for Renewable Energies

Plastics for renewable energies

Renewable energies are growing more and more important. Constructors are continually working to improve the efficiency and the reliability of wind power, solar and biogas facilities. We support this development with our materials. We offer a great selection of composites and thermoplastics that will help you in construction of reliable and low-maintenance systems at high operating safety.

Proven areas of application for our plastics include:

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Durostone® fasteners - Nacelle construction

With their high corrosion resistance and electrical properties, our Durostone® fastener offer a long service life, while their low density (between 1.9 and 2 g/cm³) makes it possible to save weight when building your nacelles.

Durostone® fasteners in the offshore sector

In offshore environments, oxidation of fasteners can rapidly happen, unless costly titanium or super duplex grades are used. An alternative to these are our Durostone® fasteners, which are not affected by oxidative degradation like steel. Durostone® fasteners offer high strength and are naturally corrosion resistant, as well as highly weather and chemical resistant, but also only weight approximately 75% less than an equivalent sized steel fastener.

Rotor blades for small wind turbines

Rotor blades pultruded of Durostone® for small wind turbines have outstanding mechanical properties thanks to their special glassfibre reinforcement with triaxial meshes and fabrics, which makes them particularly long-lived and resilient.

Trailing edge serrations

Trailing edge serrations machined from our glass fibre-reinforced material Durostone® offer high mechanical resilience, are UV-resistant and contribute to noise-optimised and efficient function of wind turbines.

Parts for generators

Depending on the output and the design, wind turbines use synchronous or asynchronous generators. With Durostone® (GFRP), we offer a material with outstanding electrical and mechanical properties to increase reliability and operational safety of your generators. Typical parts include slot wedges, slot inserts and winding head support rings.

Parts for switchgear

With Durostone® (GFRP), we offer a material with outstanding mechanical and electrical resilience that is used around the world in the construction of high-performance low- and medium-voltage switchgear for wind turbines.

Highly wear-resistant linings

We have developed a lining system for supply silos of biogas facilities specifically for the biogas sector: Our Matrox®-linings permanently prevent corrosion and wear. The material offers high chemicals resilience, outstanding wear resilience and excellent sliding properties that promote material flow.

Sliding sheets for the supply area

In the accessible supply area of a biogas facility - the push floor - Polystone® sliding sheets of ultra-high-molecular polyethylene are used. The Polystone® sliding sheets take up transport chains and are characterised by outstanding sliding and abrasion properties. They are also robust, acid-resistant and wear-proof.

Facility components in wafer production

Wafers go through chemical processes in production in which they are, among others, etched with aggressive acids to form a surface that can collect as much light as possible. Constructors use our chemically particularly resilient materials Polystone® PVDF and Polystone® P nature for construction of these facilities.

Gear wheels for rotor blade adjustment

Gear wheels machined of Sustamid® 6 nature for rotor blade adjustment are wear-resistant, offer a high mechanical resilience and are resistant against lubricants. They permit simple reinforcement of the rotor blades for efficient conversion of wind power into energy.

Labyrinth seals

Labyrinth seals of Sustamid® 6G for the rotor bearing are resilient against lubricants, provide high dimensions stability and thus permit reliable minimisation of the lubrication loss in the long term.

Sliding sheets in the Azimuth system

Sliding sheets in the Azimuth system - In the Azimuth system, sliding sheets made of Sustarin® C GLD 350 permit quick and precise alignment of the nacelle in the wind direction. Thanks to the self-lubricating properties, the nacelle moves quickly, evenly and with little energy expenditure. The slip-stick effect, a jerking and sliding, which may cause enormous noise development is prevented.

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