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Hydroma® Quality Cutting Boards

Röchling Hydroma is a reliable partner for the manufacture and supply of cutting boards for many decades. Wherever cutting of soft materials is involved, Röchling Hydroma is present - be it as an initial equipment provider for cutting machine construction or with the users for replacement demands. Having formerly been a manucfacture of cutting machinesitself, Röchling Hydroma has the unique know-how mix both areas in the market - i.e. cutting technique as well as of plasics manufacture and processing.

Optimum cutting result

In the material selection and manufacturing processes, Röchling Hydroma inserts its special knowledge into the products, the objective being an optimum cutting result, maximum accuracy and long service life of the cutting board and tool. The surfaces of Hydroma® Quality Cutting Boards are smooth on both sides, bright-pressed or planed as standard or roughened on one side for the bonding of sheets. Hydroma® Quality Cutting Boards are available in all dimensions commonly encounterd in the market.


Fields of application

Hydroma® Quality Cutting Boards are available as perfectly suitable boards for all types of cutting machines, cutting processes and tools:

  • swing-arm cutting machines
  • bridge cutting machines
  • travelling head cutting machines
  • roller and bridge type cutting


Types of soft materials

Hydroma® Quality Cutting Boards can be used from both sides and are suitable for cutting all types of soft materials:

  • Leather, leather fibre material
  • insole material, rubber
  • gaskets
  • textiles, felt, fleece
  • foam plastics, upholstery material
  • paper, cardboard, carton
  • foils
  • thermoplastic material

Consultancy and service

We gladly advise you on the development, selection and use of your cutting boards. Our Cutting Service Department will ensure optimum adaptation to your machine and will also provide the sheet with necessary bores or coupling cuts. Our speciality is the manufacture of multipart, bonded and large-size cutting boards for roller and bridge type cutting installations. Just use our contact form below and write to us.

Product range

HY 71 green

Shoe, leather and paper industry

Cutting materials
Leather, leather fibre material, paper, cardboard articles (round with inner bore: for envelopes)


HY 72 red-brown

Shoe industry

Cutting materials
Leather, soft materials


HY 73 multicoloured

Multi-purpose cutting boards for swing-arm cutting machines

Cutting material
Leather, insole materials

Stanzplatte-Stanzunterlage-Hydroma-Cutting-BoardHY 73 multicoloured+WM

HY 76 grey

Cutting board and cover plate for sandwich cutting methods on roller cutting installations

Cutting materials
Leather, foam plastics

Stanzplatte / Stanzunterlage Kunststoff Hydroma Quality Cutting Boards HY 76 grey

HY 78 natural

Cutting board for universal use; also as one-way cutting board of 3 – 12 mm thickness

Cutting material
Textiles, felts, fleeces, foam plastics, leather, insole materials, rubber, foils and other soft materials

Stanzplatte-Stanzunterlage-Hydroma-Cutting-Board-HY 78 natural+WM

HY 84 Perlamon

Universal, especially on roller-cutting presses

Cutting materials
Textile synthetics and other soft materials

Stanzplatte-Stanzunterlage-Hydroma-Cutting-Board-HY 84 Perlamon+WM

HY 40 translucent

Cutting board for manual cuts, e.g. in Pattern Departments


HY 30 LH plywood block

Base for Hydroma® Quality Cutting Board combinations


Röchling Hydroma

Please find more information about the product programme and the competence of Röchling Hydroma on the location page of Röchling Hydroma. 


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