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Sheets and Blocks
Sheets and Blocks

Sheets and Blocks

As a part of our extensive range of semi-finished products made of thermoplastics, you will receive sheets and blocks made of thermoplastics. We offer you sheet and blocks made of:

Industrial plastics


Engineering plastics


High-performance plastics

Large range of sheets made of high-performance plastics, engineering plastics and standard plastics
Available from PE to PEEK for many branded materials in various dimensions, thicknesses and colors
Available as extruded, pressed, calendered and molded polymerized sheets
Many materials directly from stock
Manufactured with extensive production know-how

Our offer at a glance

Semi-finished products made of thermoplastics. Overview of product dimensions and availability.

Material Properties

In the following document we would like to give you an overview of the properties of our thermoplastic products.

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