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Precision plastic parts
Precision plastic parts – turned & milled precision parts

Precision plastic parts / precision machined components

Precision turned parts and milled parts made of plastic

We manufacture high-precision CNC turned and milled components made of thermoplastic materials. Machined in accordance with our clients’ specifications.

  • Prototypes, small series or large series
  • Having very tight tolerances, thin wall thicknesses and an excellent surface quality.
Precision machined components - Precision Plastic Parts – Turned Precision Plastic Parts - SustaPEEK MG Breast Biopsy Unit
Breast biopsy unit made of SustaPEEK MG, fully machined and assembled

Which level of precision do we base the manufacture of our plastic parts on?

The precision a component requires is always determined by the application. Every year, we machine several thousand demanding and complex turned and milled parts individually for our customers in accordance with the respective drawings. Based on this experience, we know: every component has different requirements in terms of geometry, tolerances and surface finish. Our employees use state-of-the-art CNC machining centres and are happy to assist you in designing your components. This know-how on precision components made of thermoplastic is based on more than 50 years of experience.


Dimensions & Tolerances

What dimensions and tolerances can be reliably achieved in our turned and milled precision components? We produce demanding CNC precision parts in sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathes and in milling machines having the parameters listed below:

  • Diameter up to 1000mm and lengths of 3000mm, depending on shape and geometry
  • Tolerances of a few 1/100mm
  • Surface quality down to Ra 0.05µm depending on the production process


What materials do we use to manufacture precision plastic parts?

Röchling Industrial's entire range of thermoplastic is available for the production of precision plastic parts. These include, for example, our globally proven brand materials such as Sustarin® (POM), SustaPEEK and Polystone® (PE and PP).

More information about our range of materials


Areas of application:

Our precision plastic parts are primarily used in industries where components have to meet very high requirements. For several decades, we have been producing precision turned and milled parts for medical devices, process measuring and control technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aviation, the food industry and many other industries.

precision machined components - Precision plastic parts - Turned precision parts -Milled precision parts made of plastic – Housing made of SustaPEEK natural
Housing made of SustaPEEK natural
precision machined components - Precision plastic parts - Turned precision parts - Milled precision parts – Head rest for cranial surgery
Complex assembly: Head rest for cranial surgery
precision machined components - Interior of an instrument/handpiece
Interior of an instrument/handpiece

Further processing - precision plastic parts

Production of assembly

The processes in our production are designed for the manufacture and assembly of complete assemblies made of various components and materials. We would be happy to assemble your CNC precision parts according to your specifications with other components to form a complete assembly. Assembly processes include:

  • Pressing/joining
  • Bonding
  • Screwing/bolting

Labels: Laser marking and colour printing

Our offer covers the individual labelling of precision components – for example using the logo, emblems, serial numbers, article numbers or design codes. For this purpose we use the processes listed below:

  • Laser marking medium CO2 and UV laser
  • Colour printing: Digital and screen printing
  • Ink jet labelling

Surface treatment

Based on our modern production technologies, we manufacture precision components having outstanding surface finishes. For this purpose, we use the processes listed below:

  • Blasting: Glass beads, polyamide, organic blasting material
  • Grinding: manual reworking of surfaces
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Vibratory grinding: Rotation and vibration using different media


Our experienced technicians know exactly what is feasible in CNC machining of plastics. We manufacture precision plastic parts to suit any application and we would be happy to assist you all the way, from material selection to design and machining. Based on our own toolmaking, we have the competence and flexibility to develop our own cutting tools especially for complex components. Feel free to contact us.


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