How plastic products save resources

With their special properties, plastics contribute to resource conservation and sustainability in many applications: lighter buses consume less fuel, slide-optimised conveyor systems require less energy, and heating costs decrease in buildings with good thermal insulation. Even for ice skating, plastic can drastically reduce energy consumption. 

Read more about the applications in which our products made from thermoplastics and composites help conserve resources worldwide.

LubX® sliding material saves energy for conveyor systems

LubX® is a sliding material that we have developed specifically for systems and machines in conveyor technology and automation. Due to its exceptional sliding properties, conveyor systems, such as filling systems in the beverage industry, can be operated at higher speeds and with higher pressure loads, thereby achieving higher productivity. Thanks to its excellent sliding properties, LubX® reduces energy consumption and at the same time increases the systems’ service life.

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Glastherm® thermal insulation reduces machines’ energy requirements

In many applications, system components have to be thermally insulated for functional or economical reasons. We have developed our Glastherm® thermal insulation especially for this purpose. Glastherm® thermal insulation systems have very low thermal conductivity and therefore very high thermal insulation, which reduces energy requirements and energy costs in the machines they are used in. Areas of application include hydraulic wood and plastic presses and injection moulding machines.

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Durostone® profiles support the fuel efficiency of rail vehicles and buses

Lightweight construction plays a fundamental role in the construction of modern rail vehicles and buses. Less weight means less energy is needed to get around. With their low weight, Durostone® glass fibre-reinforced profiles are used in rail vehicles and buses around the world as external and internal cladding and contribute to the construction of efficient vehicles.

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Durostone® profiles reduce heating and cooling costs

Röchling’s GreenGirt fibre-reinforced profile is part of the SMARTci thermal insulation system from APP-Advanced Architectural Products, which significantly increases the energy efficiency of buildings. Compared to conventional metal profiles, GreenGirt offers very high thermal insulation. Thermal bridges are avoided and heating and cooling costs are reduced.

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Glastherm® thermal insulation supports energy-efficient construction methods

With its very low thermal conductivity and thus very high thermal insulation, our Glastherm® material contributes to the development of energy-efficient construction methods in the building industry.

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Polystone® M sliding rails reduce energy consumption in lock gates

In locks, steel gates weighing tonnes have to be moved quickly and reliably. Special sliding rails made of our Polystone® M slide (PE-UHMW) material enable the gates to be moved reliably and with low energy consumption thanks to the rails’ excellent sliding ability. From the Panama Canal to Venice, sliding rails made of Röchling materials are used in lock systems.

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Foamlite® lightweight sheets support the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles

Lightweight construction plays a central role in the development of modern commercial vehicles. The lower the weight, the less the consumption and environmental pollution for the same high load capacity. We support the development of light and powerful commercial vehicles with our vehicle construction sheets made of Foamlite®.

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Kunststoff-Eisbahn aus Polystone® polar x: Professionelle Eisläufer bestätigen das hervorragende Gleitverhalten

Polystone® polar x makes skating possible without energy-intensive ice cooling

With Polystone® polar X, we offer skating fans a special plastic sheet for use in the construction of plastic skating rinks, which makes it possible to skate in summer without the need for any cooling. The high energy consumption required to cool ice rinks is eliminated. With a skating rink made of Polystone® polar X, it can be winter all year round, even without complex and energy-intensive ice cooling.

More information about Polystone® polar X


Lignostone® Transformerwood® – renewable raw material conserves resources in high-voltage transformers

We have been producing the insulation material Lignostone® Transformerwood® for use in oil-filled transformers for almost a century. Lignostone® is made from European beech veneers (Fagus sylvatica), which have the best electrical and mechanical strengths for use as an insulation material in oil-filled transformers. The peeled veneers used for Lignostone® only come from trees from certified, sustainable forestry in Europe and thus ensure the continual rejuvenation of European forests. Transformers with insulating components made of Lignostone® can be operated for over 30 years without any problems and thus conserve valuable resources.

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Lignostone® cryogenic and Durolight®: low-temperature insulation materials

The need for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is increasing worldwide. Efficient technology is needed to ensure reliable transport and storage. The low temperature range from −161 to −164 °C, however, places very high demands on the technical infrastructure of LNG. All system components that come into contact with LNG must have excellent thermal insulation. This avoids thermal bridges and cold bridges. Heat exchange and the associated heating of the tanks and pipelines would increase the energy required to cool the liquid gas. With Lignostone® croygenic and Durolight® we offer high-performance low-temperature insulation materials especially for this purpose.

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