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Utility and special vehicles
Plastics for utility and special vehicles

Plastics for reliable utility and special vehicles

Utility and special vehicles need to be absolutely reliable even in the harshest of environments. If drivers are to be able to rely on their vehicles at all times, tough and resilient design materials are essential. Depending on the application, they may need to be highly wear resistant, weather resistant and very light. Our plastics are designed specially for these demanding conditions. They help designers across the world in the construction of reliable utility and special vehicles such as dumpers, trucks and snow compactors.

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Product examples

Linings for mine vehicles

Wherever bulk goods are transported, stored or further processed, wear and caking cause standstills in the work process. The flow of materials stops and wear destroys the body of the dumper. Our material Matrox® combines the best surface friction with maximum abrasion resistance to improve the flow rating of your bulk goods and prevent abrasion even in the harshest conditions. More information about Matrox®

Fitted elements made from the lightweight construction material Foamlite®

Transport and service vehicles require a high loading capacity in order to plan journeys economically. The lower the weight of the empty vehicle, the greater the loading capacity. At the same time, vehicles with individual fittings must be adapted to the respective service. Fitted elements made from the lightweight construction material Foamlite® ensure that weight is reduced and contribute to cleanliness and tidiness. More information about Foamlite®

Aerodynamic mud flap

SAFE PASS Aero, our aerodynamic mud flap, reduces air resistance and improves the fuel efficiency of transporters. Mounted behind the tyres, SAFE PASS Aero channels the spray thrown up off wet roads back onto the road, while the surface reduces air resistance by allowing air to pass through.

More information about SAFE PASS Aero can be found on the website of our subsidiary, Röchling Engineering Plastics, Dallas, USA

Covers for vehicles made of Sustavacu® 6 GF (PA 6)

Due to its good resistance to fats, oils and fuel, vehicle manufacturers use our deep-drawable, glass-fiber-reinforced material Sustavacu® 6 GF (PA 6) in the engine compartment for example as soundproofing components and ventilation parts. Further applications are fenders, side panels or frame protection. More information about Sustavacu® 6 GF

Drive sprockets for alpine vehicles

Drive sprockets made of Robalon® in piste equipment transfer the engine power reliably to the snow, even on the steepest ski slope. Even in the extreme conditions prevailing in the Alps, the material offers a very long service life thanks to its resistance to low temperatures, abrasion and UV radiation.

More information about our alpine technology

Arrange technical advice

The performance and service life of materials used in utility and special vehicles are influenced by a variety of factors. These criteria need to be considered in order to make the right choice. Examples:

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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