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Dewatering elements made of plastics

Dewatering elements from Röchling Industrial in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene set themselves apart by the special sinter press procedure over a long period used to produce them, as well as an extremely high molecular weight plus their extra additive that is specifically tailored to paper machines. All these benefits ensure what is an outstanding service life for plastic coupled with a low coefficient of friction. Dewatering elements can be used for machines with speeds up to 800 mpm.


Supply range


All materials are produced through lengthy sinter pressing processes with extremely long press cycles. This enables us to produce covers up to 12 m long with no welding seams and also ensures a tension-free internal structure compared with the typical standard sinter press process and extrusion.


PE dewatering elements for paper machines have a high level of thermal expansion. They must therefore be installed in such a way that enables the strips or covers to expand without restriction (T-bars, corner strips, dovetail guides, screws in elongated holes). The base frame support must have a grid of approx. 250 mm to ensure flawless functionality for our covers. This support must extend to the underside of the cover to ensure it has a flat installation surface.


White UHMW-PE dewatering element sintered over a long period with the benefit of a high degree of cross-linking. The result: improved endurance.

  • Pure PE-1000
  • No additives 

Applicable at machine speeds of up to approx. 600 mpm


The world's first UHMW-PE dewatering element is known for its high dry-film lubricant content. This produces an extremely smooth surface, most importantly resulting in a low friction coefficient a low level of adhesion.

  • No adhesion
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction

Applicable at machine speeds of up to approx. 600 mpm


UHMW-PE dewatering elements based on ROBALIT 61 but reinforced with cross-linkers & UV stabilizers. ROBADUR is the classic product in this range and offers the best price-performance ratio.

  • Low adhesion
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely long service life

Applicable at machine speeds up to approx. 600 mpm



UHMW-PE dewatering element – based on ROBADUR but reinforced with glass microbeads. This increases the service life by up to 20%. Unlike ceramic powder, the glass microbeads have no negative impact on the fabric lifetime or the felt lifetime.

  • Increased wear resistance

Applicable at machine speeds upt to apporx. 800 mpm


Worldwide unique ceramic-plastic hybrid

Advantages plasticAdvantages ceramic
• Break resistance• Very smooth surface
• Homogeneous, closed surface    • High wear resistance
• No piano keying 
• Easy to handle 

⇒ Combined in one material!

Applicable at machine speeds of up to approx. 800 mpm. Depending on the position even at higher speeds.

Arrange technical advice

The performance and reliability of components used for paper machines are influenced by a variety of factors. These criteria need to be considered in order to make the right choice. Examples:

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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