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At Röchling Industrial Allingaabro A/S in Allingåbro and Liepāja, we offer CNC turning and CNC milling of quality components in thermoplastic. You can also get thermoplastic both as semi-finished products such as plates, rods, pipes and profiles of finished molded parts for precision machined components at Röchling Industrial.

The demands from the industry are becoming even bigger, and therefore our plastic types must keep up with complexity and variation. You get access to over 140 different types of thermoplastic, all depending on what it is to be used for. We have both amorphous and semi-crystalline plastic materials.

Thermoplastic can be formed when it is heated, and becomes solid again when cooled. It can be melted down and is a flexible material.

Industrial plastics


Engineering plastics

Suitable for temperatures up to 100 °C


High-performance plastics

Suitable for temparatures of more then 150 °C

High quality and delivery security

With Röchling Industrial Allingaabro, you are guaranteed a collaboration with high quality requirements and a low complaint rate. You will receive your materials at the agreed time.

We have the ISO certifications 9001, 14001 and 45001 and are approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to handle plastic materials that may come into contact with food.

See our certifications and approvals here. 

Contact us about thermoplastic

Are you considering replacing parts of your production apparatus from steel to plastic? We are always ready to advise you on which type of thermoplastic works best for exactly your components.

Our sales manager John is happy to visit you, where you can talk more about what your needs are. Contact John or one of our other employees here

Every application requires a material that meets some very specific requirements. When you have your components manufactured at Röchling Industrial Allingaabro, you benefit from the comprehensive range of thermoplastic and composite materials.

You can also read our brochure on thermoplastics here


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