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Röchling Industrial Ruppertsweiler GmbH - Company history


Röchling Hydroma GmbH was founded on June 27th, 1969 under the name 'Sandt-Hydroma'. The original business was development and production of all kinds of special machinery and the trade of tools and accessories. Already at that stage the main market was the leather processing industries like shoe, automotive and upholstery industry.

Sandt-Hydroma developed and supplied complete cutting installations including cutting dies and cutting boards for the production of leather seat covers for the automotive industry. Another important market was the shoe industry, which was supplied with cutting machines, cutting boards, special machines and tools. Obviously since then we count all other industrial branches, which cut soft materials, as our customers.

World-wide contacts

Already in this early phase of Hydroma's history world-wide contacts to end-users, distributors and suppliers to all industrial branches were established. With the competence Hydroma introduced cutting machines and since October 1980 cutting boards as well to the market, resulted at the beginning of the 80's in a remarkable growth of the cutting board business and finally 1986 in the investment of a press moulding installation for plastics.

The manufacture of machines was stopped. Hydroma transferred extensive experience in cutting boards innovatively to the own production process and application of raw materials.


Hydroma® – Quality Cutting Boards

Since March 1986 "Hydroma Kunstoffwerk GmbH" supplied PP- and PE-boards into the market. Put on the market under the trade name "Hydroma® Quality Cutting Boards", the products are results of highest precision in our production and continuous quality control. Since June 6th, 2000 Röchling Hydroma is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Hydroma® products meet highest demands for its applications. A world-wide organized distribution network secures advice, service and immediate availability of the products.


Since October 1st, 2001 Röchling Hydroma GmbH is part of the Röchling Group and a comprehensive supplier of the entire die cutting industry and manufacturer of machined cutting boards for the food industry. Three fourth of the total turn-over is exported to 67 countries all around the world. The remaining 25% are reached on the German market.


In order to secure and expand the growth of Röchling Hydroma, the production capacity were expanded. With the investment in a new building, Röchling took account of the strong growth at the Ruppertsweiler site in recent years.


Röchling Hydroma GmbH becomes Röchling Industrial Ruppertsweiler GmbH.


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