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Coating units

Coating units

In the field of paper finishing, we offer a complete solution for metering rod beds and metering rods. We incorporate our years of know-how in sinter pressing processes, machining parameters and production control into our products, so that the consistently high quality level in the rod holder of the metering rod bed can be guaranteed. The special material mixture of our metering rod beds has been tailored to the needs of gluing and trimming units and alloyed with various additives that promote both the high sliding ability and the wear resistance of the material. We obtain metering rods from our long-standing and reliable partner GH-Beschichtungstechnik. The combination of metering rod bed and metering rod from a single source offers you many advantages. Read more about it!


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The performance and reliability of components used for paper machines are influenced by a variety of factors. In order to make the right choice, many criteria need to be considered. We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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