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Metering rods

ROBACOAT-R – the high-quality metering rods produced by our partner, GH Beschichtungstechnik. Röchling Industrial Oepping took over the global sales of Legau-based GH Beschichtungstechnik back in January 2006; since then, the company has been able to supply end customers with a complete metering rod and metering rod bed package.  This cooperation between rod manufacturer and bed manufacturer allows our customers to utilize the full expertise and knowledge of two global companies.

ROBACOAT-R smooth metering rod

Smooth rods are coated with chrome, ceramic, and even with carbide at Röchling Industrial Oepping. They are used with high-viscosity media.

  • Optimum surface quality 
  • Optimum coating (hardness & thickness)
  • All current diameters and sizes available, as well as all special solutions

ROBACOAT-R grooved metering rod

Grooved rods are coated in either chrome or ceramic. They are used with low-viscosity media.

  • Optimum protection of roll covers
  • Lower loading pressure → less braking → less wear → longer service life
  • Optimum reproducibility for re-orders 

ROBACOAT-R wire metering rod

ROBACOAT-R wire-wound rod made from stainless steel. Specially designed for low-viscosity media.

  • Special solution with large profiles
  • Special applications

Supply range applicable to all rods

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