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Pultrusion process

The pultrusion process is an automated process for manufacturing fibre-reinforced plastic profiles, also known as pultrusion profiles or FRP profiles. In the continuous manufacturing process a profile is produced in a number of steps (see “The pultrusion process” graphic) through the targeted combination of fibre reinforcement and resin systems.

What are the advantages offered by the pultrusion process?

The pultrusion process offers a very high degree of creative freedom. The process allows profiles to be manufactured with individual properties such as mechanical, electrical, chemical or fire-retardant properties. This is governed by three factors that can each be optimised in the pultrusion process:

The careful selection of these factors enables profiles with individual properties and cross-sections to be produced for a range of applications. At Röchling, we use a variety of glass fibre, carbon fibre or basalt fibre reinforcements as well as UP, VE, EP and PUR resin systems for the manufacture of pultrusion profiles. We also manufacture our own moulds in-house, enabling us to produce profile cross-sections to your requirements. That gives us considerable latitude for creativity when it comes to pultrusion and means you get pultrusion profiles that are customised for your application. More information about our comprehensive range of pultruded profiles. 

The pultrusion process

Pultrusion process

1.    Fibre reinforcement

The desired fibre reinforcement is introduced. At Röchling we offer the following reinforcements:

2.    Impregnating trough resin system

The introduced reinforcing fibres are pulled through an impregnating trough containing a resin system. At Röchling you can choose between the following resin systems:

3.    Mould

The reinforcing fibres impregnated with the resin system are heated in the mould and shaped into the desired profile form.

4.    Tandem pull-off

5.    Saw

The reinforcing fibres are inserted in the pultrusion process (step 1)
Finished fibre-reinforced profile manufactured through pultrusion


We offer a comprehensive range of profiles manufactured in the pultrusion process. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the right profile for your particular application. Just use our contact form below.


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