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Design Options - Durostone® composite profiles

Fibre composites are highly honoured in the various fields of engineering and gain more and more significance. Pultruded sections play an important role. The pultrusion technique allows a great deal of construction flexibility, and profiles can be manufactured exactly according to customers' requirements. The form of glass management and resin selection are vital.

The sizes shown here represent our current range, but customized production is possible by agreement. Our tool and device building department offers the necessary flexibility. Our modern 3D gauge inspection allows the manufacture of your profiles with the highest dimensional accuracy.


We offer composite profiles with the standard sizes of up to 1,350 mm width, 600 mm height and a thickness of 2.5 - 40 mm. Customized production is possible in accordance with customers' requirements. Our own tool and device building department offers the necessary flexibility.

Finishing and service

The comprehensive range of pultruded profiles is rounded off by finishing options and our package of service:
• CNC machining
• Complete glued or screwed assembly and collation by expert specialists
• Protective or decorative coatings for more attractive finish


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