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Wire Edge Control system

The ROBALIT 61 wire edge control system increases your process reliability. Because it forms the edge zone, gives it greater strength and more stability. This will reduce paper cracks and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

ROBALIT 61 Wire Edge Control

Edge control system for headboxes from all manufacturers as well as all common paper and cellulose types and individually adapted to your headbox

  • Up to 35% less paper breaks thanks to higher tear strength = less shut downs
  • Up to 87% less fiber loss thanks to impvoved sealing
  • Strengthening in the edge area
  • Increasing process security


The sealing function is guaranteed by the water seal. So there is no wear on the wire and no wear on the wire edge control system itself!


Swiveling device for a quick and uncomplicated wire change on the driver's side

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