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Technical Specifications Sustadur® PET TF - ASTM

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityASTM D792g / cm31.44
Water Absorption 24 hoursASTM D570%0.06
Dissipation FactorASTM D1501MHz0.02
Water Absorption SaturationASTM D570%0.47
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
HardnessASTM D2240Shore D80
Tensile Strength at yield 73°FASTM D638psi10500
Tensile ModulusASTM D638psi377000
Elongation at BreakASTM D638%5
Flexural StrengthASTM D790psi14000
Flexural ModulusASTM D790psi360000
Compressive StrengthASTM D695psi15000
Rockwell HardnessASTM D78594
Shear StrengthASTM D732psi8500
Izod Impact, NotchedASTM D256ft-lb/in0.4
Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic0.19
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Thermal Conductivityin/hr/ft2 /°F1.9
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionASTM D696in/in/°F x10-54.5
Melting PointASTM D789°F491
Continuous Service Temperature, Air°F210
Deflection Temperature at 1.8Mpa (264psi)ASTM D648°F180
Deflection Temperature at 1.8Mpa (66psi)ASTM D648°F338
Flammability, UL941/8 inchHB
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Dielectric constantASTM D1501MHz3.2
Dielectric strengthASTM D149V/mil400
Surface resistivityASTM D257Ω/cm>1013
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value


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