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FM 4910
FM 4910 certified materials

FM 4910 listed materials

Developed for safe processes and high purity

In Trovidur® EC-FR (PVC-U) and Polystone® PVDF, we have two materials that comply with the strict fire behaviour requirements that FM Global places on approval in clean rooms. Both thermoplastics have been tested in accordance with the specifications of FM 4910 and have been given the status “FM Approvals specification tested”. They are specifically suited to the design of systems used in clean rooms.


FM 4910 listed materials:

Trovidur® EC-FR (PVC-U)

Polystone® PVDF

Typical components:

  • Wet benches
  • Housings
  • Tanks

Greater cleanliness and safety using FM 4910 listed materials

The standard FM 4910 (FM = Factory Mutual) established by the insurance company FM Global specifies and tests fire behaviour specifications for materials. Materials tested and specified in accordance with FM 4910 have very low flame spreading and smoke density in the event of fire. This reduces impurities in clean rooms, where even the smallest fires can contaminate the production process. The defined fire behaviour in accordance with FM 4910, of our materials Trovidur® EC-FR and Polystone® PVDF contributes to the safety of employees in the event of a fire, reducing possible contamination and helping to prevent process failures or even operational downtimes in clean rooms.


Areas of application

Manufacturing processes in sensitive applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare or the food industry place high demands on the cleanliness of the environment during the production process. This is why they are often performed in clean rooms. The construction materials used for the systems must comply with the strict requirements of the approval process. Trovidur® EC-FR and Polystone® PVDF with their FM 4910 certification are suitable for use in clean rooms in these areas of application.

Trovidur® EC-FR (PVC-U)

Our PVC-U brand product Trovidur® EC-FR has been specifically developed for applications that have to comply with the requirements of FM 4910. The material has defined flame-retardant properties and self-extinguishes upon removal of the flame. At the same time, the material provides a very high chemical resistance to a variety of acids and alkalis, which is a prerequisite for the design of Wet Benches, for instance.

Product line

  • Colour: Ivory T-1013 and White FR1130
  • Length: 3,000mm, other lengths upon request
  • Width: up to 1,500mm
  • Thickness: 6mm to 40 mm
Trovidur® EC-FR: Complies with the requirements of FM test 4910 and is therefore used globally in semiconductor and clean room technology.

Polystone® PVDF

Polystone® PVDF complies with the requirements of FM test 4910 and is a recognised material for use in semiconductor and clean room technology. Owing to its high chemical resistance, Polystone® PVDF is particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry. Its high purity makes it the ideal material for the semiconductor industry.

Product range:

  • Colours: Natural
  • Length: 2,000mm, 3,000mm, other lengths on request
  • Width: up to 1,500mm
  • Thickness:  3 mm to 20 mm
Polystone® PVDF: Corresponds to the requirements of FM 4910 and offers very high chemical resistance.

Application examples:

With its high chemical resistance, Trovidur® EC-FR is suitable for such applications as the construction of wet benches

Plastics for clean rooms

Our FM 4910 listed materials are part of our comprehensive range of plastics for the construction of clean rooms and chemical plants.

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