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Soil Cultivation
Plastics for soil cultivation

Plastics for soil cultivation

The world is losing ground. Due to increasing urbanization in many countries, the amount of land that can be cultivated is decreasing from year to year. Our land and soil is the starting point for every good harvest. For us, it goes without saying that our nutrient-rich soils should be managed gently and sustainably. We therefore see it as our duty to provide you with the best possible support with our plastics. The certainty of using reliable products in times like these is an almost priceless factor.


Typical application areas

Application examples

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    Product examples

    Mouldboards and skimmers made from ROBALON

    • Enormous weight reduction of the plough (approx. 200 kg for a four-share plough)
    • Easy to pull: Tensile force saving of up to 20% possible on sticky soils (time/hectare)
    • Fuel reduction: Increased efficiency
    • Longer service life in sandy and loamy soil conditions

    Smart applications

    • Wear sensor (smart product)
    • Moisture measurement (smart product)

    Packer rollers for soil compaction made of ROBALON

    • Modular design: Modular system consisting of spacer rings and customised packer elements (trapezoid, wedge ring, tooth...)
    • Low weight is advantageous for machine combinations
    • Self-cleaning: No caking of arable land

    Screw conveyors made of ROBALON

    • Kind to the seed: reduced grain breakage
    • High wear resistance to acids and alkalis
    • Enormous weight reduction compared to steel
    • Smooth running
    • Self-cleaning

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    Arrange technical advice

    The performance and service life of materials for stable and feeding technology is determined by various influencing factors. These factors must be taken into account when making a selection. For example:

    • Mechanical load
    • Hygiene and purity requirements
    • Contact with biological acids
    • Contact with detergents and disinfectants
    • Design conditions, dimensions and tolerances

    We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right materials for your application. Simply use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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