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Röchling-BioBoom® & Röchling-ReLoop®

As a global plastics expert, we are aware of our special responsibility towards the environment, our customers, partners and employees. With our product families Röchling-BioBoom® and Röchling-ReLoop®, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of bioplastics and high-quality recycled materials. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint and increase sustainability in our customers’ applications. By 2035, we want to offer an alternative made from bioplastics or recycled materials for each of our plastics.

Our three corporate divisions Automotive, Industrial and Medical have individual sustainability product portfolios that they are continuously developing specifically for the requirements of our customers in their respective markets.

With our Röchling-BioBoom® product family of bioplastics, we extract bio-based raw materials and conserve fossil resources. Röchling-BioBoom® includes bio-based plastics and mass-balanced bioplastics.


Our Röchling-ReLoop® product family for high-quality recycled materials conserves valuable resources and closes material cycles. Röchling-ReLoop® is available as a post-consumer recycling or post-industrial recycling product.



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