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„Schlauer Fuchs“ for Röchling Industrial

Safety award from the Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall (German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal) honours companies with outstanding health management

The international plastics processor Röchling Industrial was honoured with the "Schlauer Fuchs" award by the Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall (BGHM) (German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal) for a large-scale health campaign in 2023. The safety prize is awarded to companies that implement outstanding projects in the area of occupational health and safety.

Outstanding health campaign: Wilhelm Korte-Dirxen, COO Röchling Industrial (l.), receives the award from Jörg Meyerhoff, BGHM supervisor (r.) (Photo: Röchling Industrial)

Roadshow at ten Röchling sites in Germany

Under the motto "Your journey to personal health", more than 1,400 Röchling Industrial employees took part in the health campaign. At various stations, they received information on the topics of back health, tripping hazards and healthy nutrition. "We chose these three focus areas as they are relevant for our employees in the industrial and technical areas as well as in administration. Our aim was to raise awareness of health problems caused by sitting too much, lifting incorrectly or tripping hazards at work, for example. At the same time, we wanted to motivate our colleagues to recognise dangers and actively participate in making improvements," explains Johannes Mohs, General Manager Quality. The campaign, a combination of information and interactive hands-on elements, took place at ten Röchling Industrial sites: Haren, Lahnstein, Xanten, Troisdorf, Lützen, Bad Grönenbach, Burgrieden, Nentershausen, Roding and Ruppertsweiler.


Occupational health and safety as a focus topic

"As a family-owned business, the health and safety of our employees is a top priority for us. We are constantly working to improve our measures to protect our colleagues. The fact that we have now been honoured with the award for our health campaign confirms our ongoing commitment in this area," says Wilhelm Korte-Dirxen, COO of Röchling Industrial.


"Schlauer Fuchs" for outstanding projects

The safety award is presented to companies that implement outstanding projects in the field of health and safety at work. Coordinator of the safety award Ute Emsel explains: "I am delighted to be able to honour Röchling Industrial with the "Schlauer Fuchs" award. The health campaign completely convinced us - both the holistic approach with different topics and the participation of the employees through the hands-on activities and the commitment of the team in the implementation were outstanding." Röchling Industrial is one of only a few companies to receive the award. "The campaign has shown how health and safety at work can be implemented. Now we need to continue and initiate further projects in this area," confirms Jörg Meyerhoff, BGHM supervisor.



Hands-on activities: 1,400 employees from ten Röchling Industrial sites took part in the large-scale health campaign (Photo: Röchling Industrial)
Back health, tripping hazards and healthy eating: employees received comprehensive information on health and safety at four stations (Photo: Röchling Industrial)

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