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Technical Specifications Durostone® EPR S7

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityDIN EN ISO 1183-1g / cm31,9
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Flexural strength ISO 178MPa500
Flexural strength +150°CISO 178MPa250
Modulus of elasticity in flexion 1)ISO 178MPa22500
Modulus of elasticity in flexion +150°CISO 178MPa17000
Compressive strength ISO 604MPa500
Tensile strength II RTISO 527MPa350
Impact strength II (Charpy)ISO 179kJ / m2250
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Thermal conductivityDIN 52612W/m K0,35
Coefficient of linear expansion TMA (Mettler)10-6 x K-140-60
Coefficient of linear expansion IITMA (Mettler)10-6 x K-115-30
Temperature indexIEC 60216T.I.155
Insulation classIEC 60085/F
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Water absorption (method 1)ISO 62%0,2
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Electric strength 90°C under oil IEC 60243kV / mm12
Electric strength 90°C under oil IIIEC 60243kV/25mm60
Comparative tracking index (test solution A)IEC 60112CTI600


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