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ROBALON materials

Slide and wearing plastic for industrial use

ROBALON is a highly wear-resistant UHMW-PE-based material and can be modified in various ways in terms of sliding behavior and chemical and UV stability. We produce ROBALON on sinter presses in panel form up to 12 m length at our plant in Oepping. These panels are refined on profile milling machines and CNC milling machines and lathes.


General characteristics:

Very good resistance to acids, bases, alcohol, aldehydes, organic solvents, and grease
Limited resistance (swelling) to some hydrocarbons
No resistance to strong oxidants such as fuming sulfuric acids, concentrated nitric acids, nitrosulfuric acids, chromosulfuric acids and halogens, and some cleaning agents. Risk of formation of stress cracks.

Typical ROBALON applications: Chain and belt guides, curved guides, slide parts, linings, sprockets for snow groomers, Wearing plates for vibrators and rammers, bushings


We now produce 6 different ROBALON-modifiations. In this way, the right material can be found for every customer need:

  1. PE > PE-UHMW - PE 1000

    Robalon® BIO

  2. PE > PE-UHMW - PE 1000

    Robalon® E

  3. PE > PE-UHMW - PE 1000

    Robalon® FG

  4. PE > PE-UHMW - PE 1000

    Robalon® GL

  5. PE > PE-UHMW - PE 1000

    Robalon® S

  6. PE > PE-UHMW - PE 1000

    Robalon® W

  7. PE > PE-UHMW - PE 1000

    Robalon® Z

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