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Röchling Industrial Allingaabro

Röchling at the locations Allingåbro/Denmark and Liepāja/Latvia

Do you need a professional partner for CNC turning and CNC milling of thermoplastic or composite components?

Machined components made of thermoplastic and composites

At Röchling Industrial Allingaabro, you get quality components manufactured on high-tech CNC machines by well-trained professionals. With us, an experienced team is combined with a flat hierarchy. Therefore, we can very quickly manufacture precise components for you that exactly fit your application - even if there is a need for complex geometries, narrow tolerances or a high surface quality.

Our great strength is fast planning and manufacture of your components, while we come up with innovative solutions for your needs.

Röchling Industrial Allingaabro has two departments; one in Allingåbro in Denmark and one in Liepāja in Latvia.

At Röchling Industrial, our products range from semi-finished products such as plates, rods, tubes and profiles over finished casting parts to precision machined components.

"For over 30 years, we have been machining high-quality machined components according to customer drawings at Röchling Industrial Allingåbro. The majority of our employees have been part of Röchling for a long time. Each of us brings this many years of experience into our projects every day. Most important for us is the fast and close consultation with our customers. No matter what requirements you have and which material you need: We are happy to accompany you from the selection of materials through the design to the machining of your components. "

Martin Busk Jensen, Managing Director, Röchling Industrial Allingåbro

Areas of expertise

Innovative Construction advice

For our customers, we machine several thousand components each year. With this experience, we know that every component has different requirements regarding geometry, tolerances and surface quality. We are happy to assist you in the planning and design of your components. Our experienced technicians will gladly accompany you from the material selection over the design up to the machining of your component.

Choose plastic over steel

Have you considered replacing some of your steel components with plastic? Here you get many benefits.

  • You can have a low number of pieces produced.
  • Your components can achieve the same or better function than before.
  • They will be lighter and contribute to a lower energy consumption.
  • They will typically have greater flexibility and less friction than steel.
  • There will often be lower production costs.
  • It is quieter than steel and can thereby contribute to an improved working environment in the production hall.

At Röchling, we have more than 140 different types of plastic. At Röchling Industrial Allingåbro in Allingåbro, we specialize in CNC turning and CNC milling of both thermoplastic and composite, and have the entire organization behind us.

ISO certifications

At Röchling Industrial Allingåbro, we have a strong focus on ISO standards for the benefit of our customers. We are ISO certified in three categories: 9001, 14001 and 45001. These standards benefit you as a customer, as it ensures you a professional and proven collaboration.

ISO-9001: 2015 strengthens our quality process, customer satisfaction and reliability.

ISO-14001: 2015 deals with limiting our environmental impact and impact.

ISO-45001: 2018 focuses on the health and safety of our employees.

With our ISO certifications, we also contribute to the UN's 17 world goals. If you are interested in reading about Röchling's attitude to sustainability as a plastics producer, we write more about it here.


Machined components in thermoplastic or composite are used in industries with very different needs. Among others, we work with the following industries:

Is your industry not on the list or are you in doubt as to whether you will be able to replace steel with plastic? Please, do not hesitate to contact us  for a chat about how you can use composite or thermoplastic.

Extensive material selection:

Every application needs a material that meets very specific requirements. At Röchling Industrial Allingåbro, we offer you the extensive range of thermoplastics and composites from the Röchling Industrial division for the machining of your components.

Product examples

Gearwheel machined of SUSTADUR® PET to customers drawing

Gearwheel machined of SUSTAMID® 6G OL BLUE

Part for magnet made of Durostone®

Part made from Trovidur® PVC

Part for the food industry made from SUSTARIN® C FG NATUR

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