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Trovidur® UPVC sheets, round rods & welding rods

PVC-U (polyvinyl chloride) – properties & applications

PVC-U sheets, Trovidur® Hard PVC sheets, upvc sheets, rigid pvc sheets
Trovidur® UPVC sheets: Available in various sizes, thicknesses and colours

Our Trovidur® brand PVC-U and our PVC-U integral foam sheet Trovicel® are available in numerous dimensions and colours:


  • UPVC sheets
  • UPVC round rods
  • UPVC welding rods


  • PVC-U integral foam sheets produced using the Celuka process 

PVC-Sheet Quality made in Germany

As the holder of the “PVC‐Sheet Quality – Made in Germany” seal from the pro-K (an industrial association for plastic semi-finished and consumer products), we actively set an example for the quality of polyvinyl chloride sheets. We develop PVC-U sheets to an extraordinarily high standard of quality.

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Delivery programme – Trovidur® (PVC-U) and Trovicel® (PVC Integral foam sheet):


Extruded rigid PVC sheets

2,000 x 1,000 mm
2,400 x 1,220 mm
3,000 x 1,500 mm
3,000 x 1,220 mm
3,000 x 1,560 mm
3,050 x 2,030 mm
4,000 x 1,250 mm
4,000 x 1,560 mm

1... 50 mm

Pressed rigid PVC sheets

1,000 x 1,000 mm
2,000 x 1,000 mm

1... 100 mm


Round rods 

1,000 mm 
2,000 mm

6... 300 mm


Extruded rigid PVC sheets


2,000 x 1,000 mm
2,440 x 1,250 mm
2,500 x 1,000 mm
2,500 x 1,250 mm
3,000 x 1,000 mm
3,000 x 1,250 mm
3,000 x 1,560 mm
4,000 x 1,000 mm
4,000 x 1,250 mm
4,000 x 1,560 mm

10... 24 mm (depending on measurement)

PVC-U sheet, Trovidur® hard PVC sheet, upvc sheet, rigid pvc sheet
Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) in black T-712
PVC-U sheet, Trovidur® hard PVC sheet, upvc sheet, rigid pvc sheet
Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) in dark grey T-7011
PVC-U sheet, Trovidur® hard PVC sheet, upvc sheet, rigid pvc sheet
Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) in light grey T-231
PVC-U sheet, Trovidur® hard PVC sheet, upvc sheet, rigid pvc sheet
Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) in red T-250
PVC-U sheet, Trovidur® hard PVC sheet, upvc sheet, rigid pvc sheet
Trovidur® EN liner red (PVC-U)
PVC-U sheet, Trovidur® hard PVC sheet, upvc sheet, rigid pvc sheet
Trovicel® (PVC-U Integral foam sheet) in white T-951

Trovidur® (PVC-U) – properties

PVC-U (polyvinyl chloride) is an amorphous, thermoplastic, plasticizer-free plastic, also known as hard PVC. The “U” stands for “Unplasticized”, so it’s “plasticizer-free”. PVC-U is primarily characterised by its excellent chemical resistance, processability and bondability, and is self-extinguishing after the flame source is removed. This means that PVC-U is suitable for a variety of applications with differing requirements.

PVC-U – properties at a glance:

  • Self-extinguishing after the flame is withdrawn
  • High chemical resistance
  • Bondable
  • High mechanical strength
  • Thermal plasticity
  • Resistant to outdoor weathering


As a leading PVC processor, we support VinylPlus. VinylPlus is a voluntary commitment on the part of the European PVC industry to the sustainable production and use of PVC products.


Over 80 years of experience

Our brand PVC-U Trovidur® has been established on the market for over 80 years. Thanks to this experience we know the properties, processing possibilities and requirements of PVC-U extremely well, above all with regard to chemical resistance, for which we have an extensive database. Our plastics have withstood chemical media at different temperatures across numerous industries for decades.

Trovidur® upvc variants

Trovidur® (PVC-U) is available with numerous modifications for different application areas. With our range Trovidur® PVC-U variants, we are one of the leading processors of PVC in Europe.

Trovidur® (PVC-U) – application examples

Front doors made from Astrawood® Cool (PVC-U)

Front doors made from our Trovidur® Astrawood® material remain, even in strong sunlight dimensionally stable. The PVC base sheet is made from a PVC that is unique to the market, which is bonded with a weatherproof, durable film. With this special combination, you will be able to design front doors with particularly low heat absorption and long service life.

Trovidur® EC-Clad (PVC-U) for wall cladding:

Trovidur® EC-Clad wall panels meet the high hygiene and visual demands of public and commercial facilities. The are easy to assemble, low maintenance and available in different formats. They can be applied directly to most flat surfaces with a special adhesive. The few joints are closed with profiles so that they form a smooth, seamless surface. Trovidur® EC-Clad is resistant to chemicals and can withstand commonly-used cleaning agents. Trovidur® EC Clad also meets fire protection requirements. With Trovidur® EC-Clad LS we also offer a smoke-resistant material that meets the requirements of EN 13501 for classification B s2 d0.

Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) industrial ventilation systems

Trovidur® EC-N sheets are ideally suited to the construction of industrial ventilation systems. The material has excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis and is characterised by its flame retardant properties. With its outstanding thermo-formability and bondability, the material is very easy to work with.

Wet bench with Trovidur® EC-FR – FM 4910 (PVC-U), certified for clean-room technology

Trovidur® EC-FR sheets are approved to FM4910, which is often a pre-requisite for construction materials for components in the semi-conductor industry. The FM4910 approval attests to the particularly flame-retardant properties of Trovidur® EC-FR. At the same time, the material offers very high levels of chemical resistance, which is a pre-requisite for the construction of “Wet Benches”. 

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Trovidur® ES-FB for expansion bellows with support frame

Expansion bellows often consist of special textiles, folded and reinforced on the inside with a support frame. Trovidur® ES-FB sheets are specially developed for the construction of the support frames. The sheets have outstanding flexural fatigue strength, without breaking. Trovidur® ES-FB has an extremely high modulus of elasticity and the excellent bondability and weldability make construction easier. In addition, the plates can be milled very easily, which makes a variety of geometries possible.

Trovidur® ESA (PVC-U) moulded parts for tent walls

Mobile room systems must be quick to assemble and disassemble, and adaptable to their respective use conditions. Conventional tarpaulin tents can be set up quickly but often provide insufficient protection against bad weather. Wall elements made from Trovidur® ESA can be easily assembled into mobile rooms of any size. Their high stability means they offer reliable protection against wind and weather.

Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) storage tanks

Trovidur® EC-N sheets are extremely well-suited to the construction of tanks for the storage of various media, thanks to their chemical resistance. The sheets are easily bondable and are thus simple to use as liners for existing tanks. Furthermore, lamination with GFK is very easy.

Trovidur® EPC (PVC-U) powder-coating systems

We have developed Trovidur® EPC sheets especially for the construction of so-called quick colour change powder-coating booths. The special formulation contributes to the low adhesion of overspray. This makes quick colour changes possible and increases booth efficiency. Furthermore, the material optimises booth efficiency, as the powder can be fed back into the continuous cycle.

Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) sheets in electrical switchgear

Trovidur® EC-N sheets have high electrical resistance and are therefore particularly suitable for constructions in the electrical and electronics industry. The material passes the glow wire test according to DIN EN 60695-2 with outstanding results. This enables them to be used in electrical switchgear. With their high electrical dielectric strength Trovidur® EC-N (PVC-U) sheets are also suitable for use as partition plates in medium voltage switchgear.


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