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An auditory promise

Record players with Röchling plastic

It is balsam for the soul, can make us happy or move us to tears. Music is more than a mere pastime. Particularly, people placing an especially great value on the sound quality – also called audiophiles – appreciate the effect of beautiful music. For the right enjoyment, they need, however, an outstanding player – here high-end is hip. In loving handwork, the entrepreneur Dr. Christian Feickert makes high-grade record players for connoisseurs. The basis of the listening pleasure is literally the record turntable made of the Röchling Industrial material Sustarin® C (POM).

High-end record player for connoisseurs: The basis of the listening pleasure is literally the record turntable made of Sustarin® C, machined by Röchling Industrial in Nentershausen

The names of the models are based on bird names: Woodpecker, Blackbird and Firebird. This high-end manufacturer sells uo to 200 pieces of record players a year. Most of the customers come from Asia and America, who appreciate quality “Made in Germany” very highly. The models that cost several thousand euros are different, above all else, in the number of motors provided, in the mountable arms and dimensions, and are constantly praised in test reports of the pertinent specialist magazines.

“Even if you only have the beginnings of the gene of a sophisticated listener, then you can‘t do anything else but have your imagination captured by this drive,” reports an internet portal for hif tests, for example, about Firebird. The fundamentals for the positive assessments are laid in Dr. Feickert‘s workshop. Construction of the models is carefully planned. Each component must meet very high requirements. Dr. Feickert would like to convey to his listeners the feeling that they are themselves in a concert when listening. In the shelves in his workshop are the individual components which he assembles carefully by hand. The components are produced by external suppliers in accordance with his specifications. Also lying on one shelf are black record turntables made of Sustarin® C, machined by Röchling in Nentershausen.

The basis for the vinyl concert

Röchling produces the weighty record turntables on modern CNC plants according to customer drawings with excellent surface quality. The homogeneity and the mass of the material have a decisive influence on the synchronisation of the record player. The playback speed of longplaying records must be exactly 33 revolutions per minute. The slightest variance in the synchronisation will impair the playback. With the matt black suface, the record turntables integrate themselves perfectly into the noble design of the players, which have a very special place with the buyers as lovers of good musis. Due to the fact that POM is, moreover, very low in resonance, the record turntable causes no noise interference to be generated by vibrations from outside, which reduce the sound. When the needle lands and the vinyl concert starts, the record turntables made of Sustarin® C form just the right basis for the globally appreciated listening experience the record players from Dr. Feickert promise. 

More information here: www.feickert.org/

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