The production of CNC machined components from our laminated densified wood Lignostone® as per drawings of our customers is our speciality. We utilize versatile modern CNC milling machines, special laces and automatic machines.

Lignostone® Transformerwood® rings and beams


Lignostone® rings are produced with either crosswise or tangential lamination.

Crosswise lamination:

  • Lignostone® L II/2-E3
  • Lignostone® M II/2-E3

Tangential lamination:

  • Lignostone® L X/2-E3
  • Lignostone® M X/2-E3

All sizes can be manufactured in crosswise lamination up to an external diameter of 3,400 mm and a strength of 400 mm.


We offer beams with lengths of up to 5,500 mm in the Lignostone® L I/2-E3 and Lignostone® M I/2-E3 Options.

Lignostone® - Finished parts