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Compression moulded parts
Durostone® Compression moulded parts

Durostone® Compression moulded parts

With modern presses and precise tools we produce the most varied FRP components and pressed parts from SMC and BMC-polyester products. In the SMC technique, a combination of resin and fibres is cured in a mould under pressure and heat. The production method enables time savings, high reproducibility and a smooth surface. The process is particularly suitable for medium-sized series.


With our presses we are able to produce pressed parts with dimensions of 150 x 150 x 150 mm up to 2200 x 1600 x 1200 mm.

Characteristics - Durostone® compression moulded parts

High mechanical strength

With their high mechanical strength, Durostone® compression moulded parts have a long service life and are suitable for high demands.

Good electrical insulation

With a very good electrical insulation Durostone® compression moulded parts are used in application in electrical industry world wide.

Resistance to chemicals

Durostone® compression moulded parts are suitable for contact with various chemical media thus contributing to a high operational safety.

Flame retardant or self extinguishing

Durostone® compression moulded parts meet various standards for flame retardancy and thus contribute to a high level of safety for example in railway.


With their low weight, our Durostone® compression moulded parts offer advantages over conventional materials such as metal and support lightweight construction.

Weather resistant

With a very high corrosion resistance and weathering resistance Durostone® compression moulded parts are suitable for permanent use outdoors.

Smooth surface

Durostone® compression moulded parts have a very high-quality appearance and smooth surface.

Good thermal insulation

With a very good thermal insulation Durostone® compression moulded parts contribute to a pleasant environment for example in railway vehicles.

Good surface for painting

With a good surface for painting Durostone® compression moulded parts enable individual designs.

Areas of application:

Durostone® compression moulded parts are proven worldwide in several industries

Product examples

Railway Industry: Roof cover for trains
Railway Industry: Antenna protection for trains
Railway Industry: Tablet train
Railway Industry: Third rail insulator for Metros
Rail infrastructure: Saddle to receive rails in subways
Electrical Industry: Fuze support for transformers
Electrical Industry: Cut-off chamber (arc chamber)
Electrical Industry: Arc cover
Wind power: Fuse box in wind power plants
Mechanical Engineering: Support pad to replace steel in medical devices
Mechanical Engineering: Standard insulators

Project management

From planning to implementation, our experienced technicians will accompany you throughout the entire project. The result is apart manufactured to your specifications.

Initial Design

● Technical proposal
● Calculation by finite elements
● 3D printed prototype

Co-design & REX

● Tooling sudy and pre-calculations
● Eco-Design
● REX = Return Of eXperience

Visual planning

● Gantt Planning
● Phases & Time

Production parts

● FAI – First article inspection
● Tool reception / validation
● Dimensional reports

Durostone® compression moulded parts - Properties


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