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Compression moulded parts
Durostone® Compression moulded parts

Durostone® Compression moulded parts - SMC Composites - BMC Composites

Components made of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) and BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)

With modern presses and precise tools we produce the most varied FRP components and pressed parts from SMC and BMC-polyester products. In the SMC technique, a combination of resin and fibres is cured in a mould under pressure and heat. The production method enables time savings, high reproducibility and a smooth surface. The process is particularly suitable for medium-sized series.


With our presses we are able to produce pressed parts (3-dimensional GRP) with dimensions of 150 x 150 x 150 mm up to 2200 x 1600 x 1200 mm.

Characteristics - Durostone® compression moulded parts

High mechanical strength

With their high mechanical strength, Durostone® compression moulded parts have a long service life and are suitable for high demands.

Good electrical insulation

With a very good electrical insulation Durostone® compression moulded parts are used in application in electrical industry world wide.

Resistance to chemicals

Durostone® compression moulded parts are suitable for contact with various chemical media thus contributing to a high operational safety.

Flame retardant or self extinguishing

Durostone® compression moulded parts meet various standards for flame retardancy and thus contribute to a high level of safety for example in railway.


With their low weight, our Durostone® compression moulded parts offer advantages over conventional materials such as metal and support lightweight construction.

Weather resistant

With a very high corrosion resistance and weathering resistance Durostone® compression moulded parts are suitable for permanent use outdoors.

Smooth surface

Durostone® compression moulded parts have a very high-quality appearance and smooth surface.

Good thermal insulation

With a very good thermal insulation Durostone® compression moulded parts contribute to a pleasant environment for example in railway vehicles.

Good surface for painting

With a good surface for painting Durostone® compression moulded parts enable individual designs.

Areas of application:

Durostone® compression moulded parts are proven worldwide in several industries

Product examples

Railway Industry: Roof cover for trains
Railway Industry: Antenna protection for trains
Railway Industry: Tablet train
Railway Industry: Third rail insulator for Metros
Rail infrastructure: Saddle to receive rails in subways
Electrical Industry: Fuze support for transformers
Electrical Industry: Cut-off chamber (arc chamber)
Electrical Industry: Arc cover
Wind power: Fuse box in wind power plants
Mechanical Engineering: Support pad to replace steel in medical devices
Mechanical Engineering: Standard insulators

Project management

From planning to implementation, our experienced technicians will accompany you throughout the entire project. The result is apart manufactured to your specifications.

Initial Design

● Technical proposal
● Calculation by finite elements
● 3D printed prototype

Co-design & REX

● Tooling sudy and pre-calculations
● Eco-Design
● REX = Return Of eXperience

Visual planning

● Gantt Planning
● Phases & Time

Production parts

● FAI – First article inspection
● Tool reception / validation
● Dimensional reports

Durostone® compression moulded parts - Properties


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