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Marker Technology
SmartMarker® - The unique identifier for your product.

SmartMarker®: The cost-effective way to increase your turnover.

SmartMarker® is the innovative marker technology that can be used to unambiguously assign individual components to a manufacturer. This way, you can easily use a hand-held scanner to check whether a component was really manufactured in one of your plants - any time, any place!

From problem to solution

Have you ever had a customer complain about a component that you allegedly supplied? The rejected component could have even resulted in a standstill with consequential damage. This presents a risk of trouble, costs or even damage to the company's image. With SmartMarker®, you can counter false claims and check whether a component subject to complaint was really manufactured in one of your plants. You can also use it to invalidate false warranty claims and counteract production downtimes. This increases customer satisfaction as well as turnover. If a machine only starts up with original parts that are marked using SmartMarker®, only original parts can be used in production. The resulting process reliabilty has a positive effect on machine utilisation and consequently increases your turnover!


A handscanner is used to scan the SmartMarker® particles in a component. If marker particles are present, it is recognised as an original component. Is it a Röchling…


Identification is the extension of authentication. Through identification, each product receives a unique product passport in which all necessary information can be…

What are SmartMarker®?

SmartMarker® are tiny, fluorescent particles. We mix these invisible particles with your plastic, thus giving each compnent a unique identifier. The technical functions of your material are not impaired in any way and retain their usual quality. The plastic to which SmartMarker® particles have been added is then processed into your end product. The production process is not affected by the SmartMarker® particles and can be performed as usual. The material quality of your end product is also not affected by the low number of marker particles used, as only approx. 2 g marker particles are used on 100kg of plastic. The semi-finished parts or machined component to which SmartMarker® has been added can then be easily assigned to your production with the help of authentication and identificiation.

The SmartMarker® process - Make your product unique.

How can you benefit of SmartMarker® advantages? All you need is a handheld scanner designed for SmartMarker®. The entire process from manufacturing to authentication is explained below:

Fluorescent particles

Fluorescent particles (SmartMarker® particles) are added to the standard plastic. Any type of plastic can be used.

Production process

The product is manufactured according to the conventional production process. SmartMarker® has no influence on its material properties.

Visibility of particles

To be able to recognise the product as a Röchling product, the processed SmartMarker® particles are made visible using special measurement technology.

Handheld scanner

The handheld scanner indiciates whether there are SmartMarker® in the product. This proves that the product was manufactured in one of your production facilities.

SmartMarker® Folder

Find out everything about our innovative SmartMarker technology - from the process to areas of applications.

Areas of application. Fewer problems, higher turnover.

The uses of SmartMarker® for your production are manifold. The unmistakable markin of the components allows you to ward off justified complaints, giving you more time for faster and more efficient processing of justified complaints. In addition, your customers can be sure that they are purchasing an original product that meets their high quality standards. Verification of the use of original components by the sensors in the machines also ensures greater process reliability and reduces the risk of production errors or failures.

Complaint handling & counterfeit protection

SmartMarker® provides a unique authentication option. By quickly distinguishing between original and counterfeit products, you can react to complaints in a targeted manner.

Unjustified warranty claims

SmartMarker® can be used to clearly determine the production year of each individual product. Should warranty claims arise, checks can be performed as to whether the warranty is still valid.

Sorting of production waste

SmartMarker® makes for efficient sorting of components and production waste. That way, the efficiency of the recycling process can be increased and the individual materials can be sorted according to type.

Unique allocation

By means of identification, components can be assigned to their production processes and assembly lines. The traceability of components and products is improved, sources of errors are minimised and process reliablity is incresed.

Material passport

By identifying the products provided with SmartMarker®, specific product information for each individual component can be stored and accessed digitally.

Reference for a digital twin

By digitally storing the product information, a digital image of the real product can be created.

Curious about using SmartMarker®?

Do you have a project that you would like to implement using SmartMarker®? Let's explore together how you can best use SmartMarker® for your production and components. Whether it's protection against complaints or increased sales, we will find the optimal solution to your problem.




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