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For value-conscious and sustainable action

Products, People, Planet

As a family company, we at Röchling stand for value-based and sustainable action. We treat the environment and society as we do our customers, partners and employees: with mutual respect, great regard and considerable trust. We divide our focus topics into the three fields of action Products, People, Planet.


The focus is on our products and therefore our customers. We create competitive advantages for our customers and actively support them in achieving their sustainability goals. Our focus topics:

Sustainable products & innovations

With our sustainable products and innovations we contribute to the sustainability of our customers' applications and conserve resources.

Circular economy

We are strengthening the circular economy as one of the most important tasks of the plastics industry. We pursue different approaches for the individual requirements of our company divisions. 

Product quality & product safety

We continuously optimize the quality and safety of our products with clearly defined processes and responsibilities.

Sustainable products

As experts in plastics, we are aware of our special responsibility. With our product families Röchling-BioBoom® and Röchling-ReLoop®, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of bioplastics and high-quality recycled materials. Likewise, our fossil-based plastics contribute to resource conservation in many of our customers' applications during use. Our goal: reduce the environmental footprint and increase sustainability in our customers’ industries.


Sustainable products

Increasing sustainability in our customers’ applications



The focus is on our more than 11,700 employees. We are continuously working on a sustainable, safe and diverse working environment. Our focus topics are:

Attractive workplace & employee development

We attach great importance to recognizing, promoting and developing the potential of our employees. An attractive working environment with motivated, qualified and inquisitive employees is of great importance for securing the future of our company.

Occupational health and safety

We systematically take a wide range of measures to continuously optimize safety at work and to promote the health of our more than 11,700 employees worldwide. The health of our employees is our top priority. Occupational safety, health protection and prevention are firmly anchored in our corporate guidelines.

Diversity, inclusion & equal opportunity

As an international company, we focus on diversity, equal opportunities and the compatibility of family and work. This is reflected in a wide range of measures in our three corporate divisions.


The focus is on our environment. We are constantly reducing our ecological footprint. Our focus topics are:

Climate change

We are systematically reducing our greenhouse gas footprint through measures to increase efficiency, procurement and self-sufficiency.

Responsible use of energy and resources

We use energy and resources in our processes as efficiently as possible and handle them responsibly.

Certified and evaluated by independent service providers

We regularly have our processes and sustainability activities audited and certified by independent service providers. This increases the transparency of our activities and at the same time improves sustainability along the entire supply chain. Our sustainability certifications and ratings include:

We at Röchling Industrial are continuously working on the systematic optimisation of all quality factors with our Integrated Management System. Many of our industrial sites are certified in accordance with the IMS standards applicable worldwide. These include certifications that help improve sustainability activities such as:

  • DIN EN ISO 14001 – Environmental management systems: ISO 14001 specifies requirements for the eco-friendly orientation of operational processes. We systematically plan and optimise our processes and procedures in accordance with the requirements of the standard and in doing so continuously improve the use of resources in our company. This includes the conservative use of resources in manufacturing processes and avoiding the generation of waste on the factory work floor and in the offices.
  • EN ISO 50001 – Energy management: The conscientious use of energy and resources is firmly anchored in our corporate guidelines. EN ISO 50001 describes the requirements for companies to implement and run an energy management system. We systematically monitor and control our energy flows in accordance with the requirements of the standard. In this way, we regularly identify potential savings and use our resources in a more sustainable manner.
  • DIN ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety: The health of our employees is our top priority. The standard facilitates the integration of occupational health and safety in all business processes and creates an increased awareness of safety at work at all levels.

Sustainability throughout the entire supply chain is decisive for Röchling Industrial. In order to increase transparency and sustainability, we have already had several locations certified according to the international standard ISCC PLUS. ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is one of the world’s leading certification schemes for the use of bio-based and recycled raw materials. The aim is to reduce the use of fossil raw materials and conserve resources.

  • More information on ISCC PLUS for mass-balanced bioplastics here 

In order to continuously improve our sustainability activities, we have Röchling Industrial sites evaluated by the internationally recognised provider of sustainability rankings. For instance, our main plant in Haren was awarded the Gold Standard. That puts it in the top five percent of the companies evaluated.

EcoVadis is one of the most established sustainability ratings in the world. More than 90,000 companies had their sustainability activities assessed by the provider. Performance is assessed in the categories Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. The assessment requires companies to submit extensive documentation to substantiate the company’s sustainability activities and processes. For more information please visit:

Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an extremely high priority for us. We contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation with our innovative high-performance plastics. You can read about how plastic and sustainability fit together, as well as how we are fulfilling our environmental and social responsibility, in our Sustainability Report.

K Magazine

Under the motto "Acting responsibly", we are also presenting our sustainability activities at the international trade fair for plastics and rubber. You can also find more information about our spectacular stand, our new product families and innovations in our trade fair magazine.

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