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Röchling Group
Röchling Direct Manufacturing GmbH
Industrial 3D Printing
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Röchling Industrial
Plastics for technical applications
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Röchling Automotive
System solutions & components for the automotive industry
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Röchling Medical
System solutions and components for Diagnostics, Fluid Management, Pharma and Surgery
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Röchling stands for values-based and sustainable business practices.
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Röchling Group

The Röchling Group has been shaping industry. Worldwide. For nearly 200 years. We transform the lives of people every day with our customized plastics: they reduce the weight of cars, make medication packaging more secure and improve industrial applications. Our workforce of around 11,100 people is located in the places where our customers are – in 90 locations in 25 countries. The Group’s three divisions generated joint annual sales of 2.039 billion euros in 2020.


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Röchling Image Brochure

The face of the Röchling Group: In our image brochure, you will find current key figures and gain insight into the latest developments at our company. Markets, customers, innovation and employees are the focus here.

Röchling magazine

You can find news from our corporate group in our customer magazine. Here, we show interesting ways to use our products, report on customer advantages and let experts have their say in the comment section.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an extremely high priority for us. We are contributing to environmental protection and the conservation of resources with our innovative high-performance plastics. You can read about how plastic and sustainability fit together, as well as how we are fulfilling our environmental and social responsibility, in our Sustainability Report.



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We shape industry with customized plastics

Röchling Group