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Elevators and Escalators
Plastics for elevators, lifts, escalators and moving walks

Plastics for lifts and escalators

Fast, safe and comfortable: Modern lifts and escalators are subject to high demands. They have to be reliable and safe even at high usage intensity and high load capacities, and are generally in operation for many years. Manufacturers and developers need know-how and experience for their design. We can support you in this task based on our knowledge and high-quality plastic components.

Renowned manufacturers of lifts and escalators have been using our products in development for several decades. Components made of our plastics replace heavy steel elements in lifts and escalators worldwide. They are very light, durable and maintenance-free, thus contributing to the development of high-performance lifts. For a better quality of life – whether in a residential building, company or public institution: Elevators facilitate reaching the next floor, transport loads and provide barrier-free access.

Application examples:

  • Belt-driven lifts
  • Industrial lifts
  • Cable-operated lifts
  • Winch lifts
  • Speedwalks
  • Escalators
  • Disabled lifts
  • Roofing lifts
  • Inclined lifts
  • High-rise lifts

Typical components:

  • Deflection rollers
  • Tensioning rollers
  • Door rollers

For efficient and safe lifts and escalators

Lifts and escalators have to be fast, reliable and safe. In cooperation with our customers, we aim to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance times and optimise safety and comfort.


Because of their cable-friendly surface, our materials offer a very good distribution of the surface load and in that way reduce the pressure between the cable and groove. This results in a significantly longer cable service life. As a consequence there are fewer cable replacements and lower maintenance costs.

Excellent sliding properties

The excellent sliding properties of our plastic components support the smooth driving process and in that way contribute to the efficiency and process stability of lifts and escalators.

Light weight

Our plastic components are significantly lighter than conventional steel components. This permits weight savings in construction and counterweight, and facilitates installation. Lighter weight also means easier acceleration of masses and consequently reduced energy requirements.

High wear resistance and toughness

The high wear resistance and toughness of our components renders them suitable for high mechanical loads and supports the design of lifts and escalators having a long service life.

High travelling comfort

Owing to their noise damping, our materials contribute to a high level of ride comfort in lifts.

Application examples

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    Various influencing factors determine the performance and service life of materials and components for lifts and escalators. These factors have to be taken into account for the proper selection and design. For instance:

    • Mechanical stress
    • Tribological requirements (friction and wear)
    • Weight
    • Environmental factors

    We would be happy to assist you in selecting the proper material for your application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and drop us a note.



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