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Trafoboard® HD-PH - Laminated pressboard

High-performance insulation products for oil filled power transformers 

The experience of one century

For almost one century Röchling has been manufacturing the insulation material Lignostone® Transformerwood® for use in high-voltage transformers. This outstanding material enjoys an excellent reputation within the international transformer industry.

With Trafoboard® HD-PH Röchling now completes their range of insulation materials to a high-quality laminated pressboard for insulation components in oil-filled high-voltage transformers.

Trafoboard® HD-PH represents a high level of quality, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, high chemical purity and close tolerances.

Trafoboard® HD-PH has a density of 1.15 –1.35 g/cm³ and consists of highly densified pressboard layers made of pure cellulose according to IEC 60641, which are bonded permanently by means of phenolic glue according to IEC 60763 type LB 3.1A.2.

Specialist for machined components

The production of CNC machined components with close tolerances as per customers’ drawings is our strength. We utilize versatile modern CNC special and automatic machines.

Dimensions for machined components

  • 4,150 x 2,150 mm x 10…120 mm
  • Rings up to Ø 3,100 mm
  • Platforms up to 3,150 x 3,150 mm

Components thicker than 120 mm on request

Röchling is a member of TRANSFORM - A unique network of leading global suppliers in the field of power transformers.

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