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Extruded profiles and machined profiles

Extrusion profiles and machined profiles made of thermoplastics

Many materials, geometries and colours

Plastic profiles made of thermoplastics - available in many different dimensions, having thin wall thicknesses and complex geometries. Choose from more than 300 materials from PE to PEEK. Available as extruded and machined profiles.


Extrusion profiles

Our state-of-the-art extrusion systems can be used to create complex geometries for you that cannot be made by machining. Depending on cross-profile, the production of extruded profiles can offer advantages over machining in terms of cost-effectiveness and technical feasibility.

  • Profile lengths: on roll or in individual lengths up to 12,000mm

Machined profiles

We manufacture profiles by machining for prototypes or required quantities for which it is not cost-effective to create an extrusion tool. We use our profile milling machines to create high-precision profiles having demanding cross-profiles, surfaces and different wall thicknesses according to drawings.

  • Profile lengths: up to 6,000mm

Consulting & in-house toolmaking

Our experienced technicians will be happy to support you in the development of your geometry and advise you on your application. Our in-house toolmaking gives us a very high degree of flexibility for implementing the right extrusion profiles and machined profiles for your application. We will also be happy to assist you if a prototype is required.


Extrusion profiles, plastic
Extrusion profiles made of Polystone® M (PE-UHMW) in blue, green and black

Extrusion profiles, plastic
L-profile made of anthracite PVC-P with double-sided adhesive tape as edge protection profile
Plastic profile
U-profile, black, made of SustaPEEK having very thin wall thicknesses

Fibre-reinforced profiles

In addition to profiles made of thermoplastics, our range of profiles includes a large selection of pultruded profiles made of fibre-reinforced materials.

Fibre-reinforced profiles


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