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Ballistic panels

Ballistic plates made of DuroProtect® and LignoProtect®

Röchling offer you a comprehensive range of ballistic panels made of our fibre-reinforced composite material DuroProtect® and our wood-based material LignoProtect®. This ballistic materials have been developed for a wide range of civil and military applications. Whether you're looking for bullet-proof, blast-proof, splinter-proof, fire-proof or burglary-resistant properties, Röchling offers the right solutions.

Materials - ballistic panels

  • DuroProtect® – Fibre reinforced materials
    The distinctive features of the fibre-reinforced material DuroProtect® are its excellent protection against large-calibre small arms and its particular resistance to extremely strong mechanical forces. In addition, DuroProtect® is extremely good at inhibiting blast effects.
  • LignoProtect® – Wood-based materials
    The wood-based material LignoProtect® offers excellent protection against small arms with medium-sized calibres and is particularly resistant to extremely strong mechanical forces. At the same time, LignoProtect® is good at inhibiting blast effects.
Ballistic panel
Ballistic panel - shooting test passed: DuroProtect® 52 shots of cal. 7.62 x 39 (AK 47)

Properties - ballistic panels

Ballistic panels from Röchling made of DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® offer you unique properties not found elsewhere on the market and offer strong advantages over conventional materials such as steel.

Inhibits full penetration: Depending on the material, ballistic sheets made of DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® offer excellent protection against fire from medium- and large-calibre small arms.

Inhibits blasting and offers protection against splintering: Attacks using IEDs are becoming more and more frequent. Ballistic panels made of DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® are extremely effective at inhibiting blast and protect against splintering. DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® absorb splinters caused by shots and impacts and embed them safely in the material.

Low weight: DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® have a considerably lower density compared to conventional materials. This gives them significant weight advantages and allows easy handling.

Fire safety: DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® are available in flame-resistant and self-extinguishing versions.

Thermal insulation: DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® provide thermal insulation by virtue of their low thermal conductivity. That makes them particularly suitable for use in areas with extremely high and low temperatures.

Long service life: The distinctive properties of DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® are their high strength against aggressive chemicals, resistance to UV and corrosion, and resistance to wear.

Areas of application - ballistic panels

Our ballistic protective materials are used in civil and military applications on all continents of the world. Examples of typical applications of DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® include exterior and interior panels, doors, windows and safe rooms in areas such as:

  • Private estates
  • Embassies
  • Government buildings
  • Authorities
  • Power plants
  • Shooting ranges
  • Companies
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Ships
  • Vehicles
  • Security containers/Container homes
  • Onshore and offshore
  • Lightweight construction
  • houses for crisis areas
Ballistic panel
A reliable panel: LignoProtect® panel tested
with Kalaschnikow (AK 47) 7.62 x 39 calibre


ballisitc panel
No penetration: DuroProtect® fired with 52 shots of 7.62 x 39 calibre

Selection criteria

The performance of ballistic panels is affected by a number of factors:

  • Weapon and ammunition
  • Type of explosive
  • Fire protection level
  • Ambient conditions
  • Design conditions
  • Weight

Our experts take these into account and offer you solutions that are tailored exactly to your requirements profile. Röchling has decades of experience in the development of ballistic protective materials and planning protective systems. We will happy to advise you on choosing the right materials for your application!

Maximum safety standards

In-house firing and detonation tests

Security is a matter of trust. In-house shooting and detonation tests are therefore a must for us. We test our materials under real-life conditions and develop them on an ongoing basis. Come and see for yourself what our materials can do – we will be happy to invite you to carry out a shooting test. Just ask us.

Certificates: DuroProtect® and LignoProtect® meet all relevant international ballistic standards such as:

  • UL-752
  • NIJ
  • EN 1522/1523
  • VPAM PM2007
  • Stanag 2280
Shooting test of cal. 7.62 x 51

Competence in machining - Unique panel dimenions

We produce panels for you in dimensions not found anywhere else on the market of up to 5610 x 2050 mm or 4300 x 3500 mm and a thickness of up to 140 mm. Large panels offer considerably increased security, as joints and therefore weak points are significantly reduced.

Ready-to-install parts and components
In addition to the manufacture of ballistic panels, we can also offer you parts and components ready for installation made from DuroProtect® and LignoProtect®. With state-of-the-art CNC machining centres in Europe, the USA and Asia, we make ready-to-install parts and assemblies according to drawings supplied by our customers with exacting tolerances and an excellent surface finish quality.

Finishing and service
The comprehensive range of ballistic materials is rounded off with finishing options and our package of services.


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