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Play-Tec® PCR awarded with "Blue Angel"

In the category: Environmentally Friendly Recycled Plastics (DE-ZU 30a)

Recycled plastic - a plastic with a past and a future

Plastic is made from one of our most valuable resources: crude oil. For this reason, recycling this material is particularly important to protect the environment. By using recycled plastic, fossil resources are saved, material cycles are closed and waste is avoided. With our recycled plastic Play-Tec PCR, we offer a construction material for the sustainable design of long-lasting playgrounds which has now been awarded the "Blue Angel" eco-label.

The Blue Angel is a voluntary product label. The eco-label has been awarded for over 40 years in Germany for environmentally friendly products and services in various categories. 
In the category "Environmentally Friendly Recycled Plastics" (DE-ZU 30a), the product to be certified must consist predominantly of plastic (at least 90 percent by weight). The plastic content in turn must contain at least 80 percent by weight of certified PCR (post-consumer recycling) material. PCR materials are secondary raw materials that have already passed through a product life cycle and can no longer be used for their intended purpose.

In addition, specific requirements due to direct soil, water and consumer contact must be met. It is required that tests prove that the migration of heavy metals into the environment is limited (according to DIN EN ISO 71-3). Likewise, it must be confirmed by tests that repeated direct body contact with the product is harmless to the consumer (according to AfPS GS 2014:01).

The strict guidelines ensure that the Blue Angel is only awarded to products that have a lower environmental impact and offer a high level of health protection compared to other products.

Guarantee of safety

The safety of children is a top priority for parents, which is why the materials used must be able to guarantee this. Due to the high quality requirements, our product Play-Tec® PCR is particularly suitable for the construction of playgrounds:

  • There is no risk of injury due to splintering or breakage of playground elements.
  • The material itself poses no danger due to harmful ingredients.
    • It has been tested according to DIN EN 71-3, -9, -10, -11.
    • It also meets the requirements of the GS specification AfPS GS 2014:01 PAH (testing and evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) for the award of the GS mark.
  • The product is therefore harmless to humans and the environment

Extra high durability

Since not only recycling is an important factor, but also the long-term durability of the product, Play-Tec® PCR was specially developed for outdoor use and thus shows no embrittlement even after 10 years. It is also characterised by its low maintenance requirements, as graffiti and dirt adhere poorly and can be easily removed. Furthermore, it is homogeneously coloured panels from which scratches are almost invisible.

To ensure that the material still looks radiant and attractive after a long service life, we have subjected it to 2000 hours of xenon and QUV rapid weathering. This simulates important climate factors such as UV radiation, heat, humidity and rain in fast motion. Even after this time, the colours retain their intensity and are kind to the environment, as painting or coating is not necessary.

Play-Tec® PCR as a part of our Röchling-ReLoop® family

Play-Tec® PCR as part of the Röchling-ReLoop® product family fulfils the demanding criteria for the award of the Blue Angel and has now been awarded this environmental label. With our Röchling-ReLoop® product family for high-quality recyclates, we close material cycles and conserve valuable resources. In addition to the sustainable use of raw materials, we also keep an eye on the technical requirements of our customers. Play-Tec PCR defies wind and weather and impresses with its robustness and variety of colours.

With our Röchling-ReLoop® product family for high-quality recycled materials, we use offcuts of our customers and from our production as well as post-consumer waste to process high-quality plastic products. Röchling-ReLoop® is available as a post-consumer recycling product and post-industrial recycling product. Play-Tec® PCR is a part of our post-consumer recycling process.

Further Röchling-ReLoop® information

Post-consumer recycling is part of the circular economy and starts after the use phase. Usable plastic waste that would have been sent to a landfill for disposal in a linear economy is collected after use, cleaned, sorted and mechanically processed to be returned to the production process in the production of semi-finished plastic products.

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