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Detectable plastics for the food industry

Detectable Plastics in the production of pizza, bread, etc.

The overwhelming majority of our food is produced using industrial equipment. This means that pizzas, chicken wings and baked goods go through various production steps on complex machinery. Defects in this machinery can cause the food to become inadvertently contaminated with metal or plastic parts. If these are not discovered in time, the health of consumers may be put at risk and products could be recalled. The effects of food product recalls are costly and can include possible damage to health, claims for compensation and high costs of product recalls, bad publicity and ultimately, a loss of customers. Röchling detectable plastic materials offer a solution to help keep you and your customers safe from contamination. When used with the appropriate in-line detector, any plastic contamination can be caught immediately. As a food processor, you cannot afford to make any compromises when it comes to the quality of your products; Röchling detectable plastics can help you proactively prevent contamination.


Product Portfolio

Metal detectable plastics
  • Sustarin® C MDT (Acetal)
  • Polystone® M MDT (UHMW-PE)
X-ray detectable plastics
  • Polystone® M XDT (UHMW-PE)
  • Sustarin® C XDT (Acetal)
  • SustaPEEK XDT (PEEK)
Dual-detectable (metal/X-ray) plastic
  • Fibracon® Detectaflon (PTFE)

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