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  • Glass fiber-reinforced Durostone® FRP Rebar reinforcement bars for economical and sustainable construction

Glass fiber-reinforced Durostone® FRP Rebar reinforcement bars for economical and sustainable construction

Successful cooperation between Röchling Industrial and ASA.TEC

Cooperation: Hans-Jürgen Geers, Röchling Industrial, and Thomas Heilig, ASA.TEC GmbH


With Durostone® FRP Rebar, international plastics processor Röchling Industrial SE & Co. KG of Haren, Germany, is placing an economical and sustainable alternative to steel reinforcement bars for the construction industry on the market. Developed in cooperation with ASA.TEC GmbH in Langenlois (Austria), the glass fiber-reinforced rods enable corrosion-free, high-strength and durable construction while reducing overall costs.

"We are very pleased that, after joint research and development, we are now launching the state-of-the-art Durostone® FRP Rebar reinforcement bars on the market," says Franz Lübbers, CEO Röchling Industrial. “This means that we are entering a new market for Röchling that offers great potential.”

Focus on cost-effectiveness and sustainability

The cutting-edge reinforcement bars are the concrete composite of the building material of the future and consist of a glass or basalt fiber reinforced composite plastic, which has particular advantages compared to conventional steel. "Our product is lightweight with high mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance. Our rebars have only about a quarter of the weight of steel reinforcement bars, with two to three times greater strength," explains Thomas Heilig, Project Manager at ASA.TEC. The material does not rust, even in aggressive chemical media, does not conduct electricity and is induction-free. It also has very low thermal conductivity, enables signal-permeable concrete reinforcement and can be processed the same way as steel. This makes the products easier to handle on the construction site. "Maintenance and repair costs can be reduced thanks to the high level of durability. The low specific weight makes it possible to dimension the overall structure smaller. For example, the use of our rebars can greatly reduce the amount of concrete. On the whole, using our products immensely reduces the life cycle costs of a project that significant to building owners," explains Heilig.

At the same time, the plastic-reinforced reinforcement bars increase the sustainability of the structures, as resources are saved thanks to the long service life and sparing use of materials. “Our products thus enable our customers to combine economical and sustainable construction methods,” explains Hans-Jürgen Geers, General Manager Technology & Marketing Composites at Röchling Industrial, who is in charge of technical implementation.


Combine high strengths and low weight: Reinforcement bars made of glass fibre
Durostone® FRP Rebar: Reinforcement bars made of composite plastic enable sustainable and economical construction

Versatile applications in civil engineering

The glass fiber reinforced reinforcement bars are primarily used in civil engineering. "Our products are highly resistant to corrosion, making them especially well-suited to structures that come into contact with chemicals or acids. At the same time, they have a higher tensile strength than conventional reinforcement bars, so they are also used in areas where requirements are demanding," says Geers. These include bridge and tunnel construction, underground car parks, multi-story car parks and port construction.

Cooperation across national borders

Durostone® FRP Rebars are developed and manufactured in cooperation between Röchling Industrial and ASA.TEC. As a leading processor of thermoplastics and composites, Röchling Industrial has handled the technical implementation of the project together with ASA.TEC. “We have worked intensively with our partner on the development of future-relevant and outstanding product characteristics,” explains Uwe Kassens, in charge of composites at Röchling Industrial. “We are pleased that we can offer a new generation of fiber-reinforced reinforcement bars with Durostone® FRP Rebars.” Both companies will continue to work on innovative, sustainable composite products for the future challenges of the modern construction world.

More Information on Durostone® FRP Rebars.

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