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Oil and Gas
Plastics for Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas: Plastics for corrosion resistant, lightweight and cost efficient equipment

As the global demand for hydrocarbon products continues its upwards march, Oil & Gas reserves in ever more demanding environments must be utilised. This places ever greater demands on the equipment used to explore for, and produce the hydrocarbons on which modern life is based. These challenges include exposure of equipment to highly abrasive environments with highly variable temperatures, high mechanical loads, extreme weathering conditions (UV) as well as corrosive chemicals including lubricants, sour gas and seawater. Engineers are having to develop ever more reliable and efficient equipment which can operate in ever more demanding conditions. We support you in this task with offering one of the broadest ranges of thermoplastic and composite materials. With our experts knowledge we are able to advice on the optimum material solution to overcome your operational challenges be they weight, chemical or tribological.


Proven Röchling materials for use in the oil & gas industry




Extreme wear resistance

Many materials with high impact strength and resistance – suitable for heavy duty.

Excellent sliding properties

Special sliding materials having a very low sliding friction coefficient and excellent sliding properties available.

Flame resistant

Many materials meet international and national requirements for reaction to fire.

For operating temperatures ranging from cryogenic to very high

Suitable for operating temperatures from -196°C to +310°C, depending on the material

Superior chemical resistance

Depending on the material, our plastics are suitable for contact with a wide range of chemical media.

Corrosion resistant

Suitable for contact with corrosive seawater, UV radiation and weathering and for outdoor use, depending on the material. NORSOK M-710 tested materials available.


Comprehensive range of antistatic and conductive plastics for use in ATEX environments.

Thermal insulating

Specially developed materials available for low temperature insulation and heat.

Low weight

Owing to their low density, our materials contribute to weight reduction and provide advantages over conventional materials such as metal.

More than 350 materials

We offer an extensive selection of more than 350 thermoplastics and composites for the design of machines and systems.

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Proven areas of application for our materials are:

Product examples

Pulley made of Lamigamid® (PA)
Tank support for LPG tankers made of Lignostone® cryogenic
Cable clamps made of Polystone® D (PE-HMW) and Sustamid 6G (PA6)
Seals made of Fibracon® PTFE
Electrical plug connectors made of SustaPEEK
Support bearing for an LNG fuel tank made of Lignostone® cryogenic
Components for remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) made of various materials such as Polystone® M (PE-UHMW), Polystone® P (PP) and Sustarin® C (POM-C)
Spacers for pipe-in-pipe systems made of Sustamid® 6G (PA 6G)
Durostone® connecting elements
End cap for a subsea tree made of Sustarin® C (POM-C)
Sealing rings made of Fibracon® PTFE and support rings made of SustaPEEK
Fracking balls made of SustaPEEK
Bell mouth
made of Lamigamid® 319 (PA 6C)

Full service

Our Corporate Research & Development department develops the optimum formulation for your application that meets the mechanical requirements as well as the demands on fire behaviour. Economic feasibility is always the focus here.

In our in-house CAD department, we develop the design of your components together with you. Our experienced technicians and toolmakers will coordinate with you on the feasibility and the highest possible fulfilment of the requirements for your individual application. Own tool and fixture construction allows very high flexibility for a variety of tasks.

Our quality management continuously monitors the production processes and checks the properties of the components in the company’s own material testing laboratory.


We have many plastics with a high resistance to seawater in our product range. The suitability of a plastic for an application always depends on specific conditions and influencing factors in the application. We would be happy to advise you on selecting the right material for contact with seawater. Feel free to contact us.


Detailed information on the behaviour of our plastics in the subsea sector can be found in our Technical Research Report “Deep Ocean Submersion Research” 


Yes, our product range includes plastics listed as per Norsok. We would be happy to advise you on selecting the suitable material for contact with seawater.


The factory certificate 2.2 documents non-specific tests conducted by our material testing department, measured on our semi-finished products (on request, free of charge). The acceptance test certificate 3.1 refers to specific tests, measured on the semi-finished product, which you can order on request and which is supplied with the product


Arrange for a technical consultation

The performance and reliability of materials for use in production and transportation of oil and gas is determined by a wide variety of influencing factors. They have to be taken into account when selecting the proper materials. For instance:

We will be happy to advise you on the right materials for your application. Simply use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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