Durostone® composite profiles / pultruded profiles

We offer you a wide range of composite profiles according to your requirements with different glass fibre reinforcements (GFRP) or carbon fibre reinforcements (CFRP) and resin matrices. You will get your pultruded frp profiles: 

  • with a special shape exlusively tailored to your requirements
  • you also have a wide range of standard composite profiles available to you.

The advantages of Durostone® frp profiles

Durostone® composite profiles offer several advantages in comparison to other materials:

  • reduced weight because of low specific gravity (1,85 g/cm³)
  • high strength
  • good electrical and thermal insulation
  • flame retardant or self-extinguishing
  • resistant to chemicals and corrosion
  • good surface for paint or even dyed
  • great deal of construction flexibility

Standard composite profiles

  • rods
  • tubes
  • square-rods & square-bars
  • C-profiles & Z-profiles
  • angle-profiles
  • U-profiles
  • roof-corner profiles
  • T-profiles & double-T-profile
  • dogbones
  • corner profiles

Customized design

Durostone® Composite profiles (pultruded profiles) are customized to your individual application. Various reinforcements and resin systems come into operation.

Roving reinforcement (unidirectional fibres) are used to achieve high tensile and bending strength, mat complexes (multidirectional fibres) for increased longitudinal and transverse strength or combined lamination (e.g. mat/roving/mat) for good mechanical properties.

Optimized properites are achieved by utilization of different resin matrices: Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy, Methacrylic and Polyurethane (UP, UP-Iso, VE, EP, A, PU) resin matrices are on offer.

Through a targeted selection of the fibre reinforcement, fibre arrangement and resin matrix, you can get a pultruded frp profile customized to your application. We would be happy to advise you as regards the suitable raw materials and design for your application. Please contact us.

Design Options - Composite profiles

The pultrusion technology allows us a great deal of construction flexibility. Your composite profiles may be manufactured according to your requirements. The form of glass management and resin selection are vital.

Sizes: We offer composite profiles with the standard sizes of up to

  • 1,350 mm width
  • 600 mm height
  • and a thickness of 2.5 - 40 mm.

Customized production is possible in accordance with customers' requirements.

The sizes shown here represent our current range, but customized production is possible by agreement. Our tool and device building department offers the necessary flexibility. Our modern 3D gauge inspection allows the manufacture of your profiles with the highest dimensional accuracy.

In-house tool shop

In the development and design of you special shaped pultruded profile according to your individual specifications, our experienced engineers and toolmakers will be happy to advise you so as to achieve an optimum functional result for your application. Our own tool shop matching of your tool to the respective pultrusion profile.


We liaise closely with you, discussing requirements of your pultruded profiles on site. Development and Quality Management staff ensures sound professional advice. A project manager provides the interface between our companies, from the initial inquiry though to production and delivery. Our Pultrusion Department is a full-service supplier over and above pultrusion.

We offer our assistance in design and realize further treatment on our very modern CNC machines to customers' requirements. We also assemble the sections with specialist fixings or adhesives and furnish them with protective or decorative coatings.

Finishing and service

The comprehensive range of pultruded profiles is rounded off by finishing options and our package of service.

  • CNC machining
  • Complete glued or screwed assembly and collation by expert specialists
  • Paint as protection or more attractive finish

Flame retardancy

Durostone® composite profiles have good fire protection properties. They fulfill i.a. the requirements of the different international flame retardant standards:

  • DIN 5510: S4, SR2, ST2 / 3mm*
  • DIN 4102: B1*
  • NF F 16101: M1, F0 / 2.2mm*
  • UL 94: HB, VO* / 3mm
  • BS 476 Pt. 6 & 7*
  • BS 6853: class 1b* (1a in development)
  • BS 7239*
  • ASTM E162*
  • ASTM E662*
  • EN 45545-2:2013

* only applicable for Methacrylate types; depending on wall thickness 

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